Sales App Render

Another first for global high- speed door manufacturer


Managing Director for the UK, Darren Turrell explains the rationale, ‘At EFAFLEX we want to set the highest barre as product design pioneers, not moving with, but ahead of the times. 25 years on for example, our patented EFA-STR® spiral option with blade speeds of up to 4 meters per second remains unrivalled as the world’s fastest vertically opening door!’

He went on, ‘With the rising use of mobile and tablet devices, the introduction of the Sales App was a natural progression for us to assist our customers.’ This new, user-friendly tool has been designed by Andreas Zeitler of Vuframe®, who himself was a guest speaker at California’s ‘Augmented World Expo.’ Award winning Zeitler’s product has been described as the ‘single, most innovative sales tool in the market.’

The app consists of three different elements; a door configurator, door management and door simulation, all presented in either 2D or 3D. At the press of a button, the user can change the door type and style between spiral and roll up options. It allows 3D product demonstrations with optional Augmented and Virtual Reality to build a detailed fully functional working graphic. The tool allows the user to input their precise measurements with tailored choices on door colour to help visualise the finished installation. By hovering over and engaging the ‘hot spots’ functionality this provides a deeper layer of technical detail.

Turrell continued, ‘Scrutinising a product specification brochure or visiting one of our many door installations can only help so far in the decision making process. With the aid of our new Sales App though we have taken this a stage further. Together with the client, we can now configure requirements live on the screen, ensuring that we provide the perfect solution for all their high-speed door requirements.’

With this latest innovation, coupled with their catalogue of previous and ongoing investment in technology and design it’s easy to appreciate why EFAFLEX are rapidly becoming the supplier of choice for a growing number of customers.

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