High-Speed Doors installed at Ricoh

30 years and 30 doors for technology leader Ricoh


The impressive 53 acre site has been extended twice during this time and is home to some of Ricoh’s specialist services including their high end print and wide format technology.

Alan Blakemore, Building Facility Manager has overseen the site for the past 32 years and stated, ‘The smooth operation of the premises is of paramount importance. We move an enormous amount of palletized goods around the site with one area alone producing 800,000 bottles of toner every month. We have to ensure the safety of our operatives in these high volume areas.’  He went on to add, ‘We chose EFAFLEX as our high-speed door supplier 20 years ago. During this time they have designed, manufactured, installed and maintained approximately 35 doors at this site alone. Our relationship with EFAFLEX is exceptional. In my opinion they employ the best door engineers in the industry. That coupled with their German high quality engineering gives me the peace of mind, confidence and reassurance that I need.’

EFAFLEX have installed a variety of doors throughout the Telford site including the premium ‘SST’ with its patented spiral design and unrivalled door opening speeds of up to 4 metres per second.

Due to the vast open plan design, Ricoh needed to maintain temperature control, reduce heat loss and minimise energy costs. These highest of high speed doors enable that to be possible, while simultaneously providing dust control in the more sensitive areas.

As with the majority of customers, Ricoh have a Preventative Maintenance contract in place with regular service checks undertaken by qualified EFAFLEX technicians. Tailored around the clients operational needs, maintenance visits help protect and ensure the longevity of the asset while minimising costly downtime and repair costs.


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