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Eezeetags , based in The Netherlands, is a company that develops and produces self service BagTags to be used out of a kiosk or BagDrop machine. The unique feature of eezeetags is that there is no need to remove a paper liner to expose the adhesive, this makes it an easy understandable and quick to use Tag by the passenger. Eezeetags create no waste at the point of tagging and cannot be applied in the wrong way because the “magic” adhesive does not stick to anything but to itself.more

Major European Airports Like AMS, FRA, HAM and LGW are using eezeetags for their KLM, LUFTHANSA and EASYJET  BagDrop operations These airports are increasing their capacity and improving the passenger experience while reducing the costs of the Bagdrop Application. Which creates in the end non- aeronautic revenue, since a less stressed passenger is more willing to spend money on dwell time that is won over standing in line.

Terminal Printed Baggage Tags

Every second counts

With the ever growing passenger numbers Airports are adopting technology to help them process this growth. And self service has proven to be more efficient. That is why self service BagDrop will be adopted by 80% of all airlines and airports over the coming years. Despite good initiatives of home printed and permanent BagTags there will always be a need for a terminal printed Tag that should be tagged by the passengers themselves.

Eezeetags has developed a tag that is easy for the passengers to handle, there is no need to pull away a liner to expose the adhesive and therefore it creates no waste at the point of tagging. The magic adhesive does not stick to anything but to itself, so can not be applied in the wrong way. This gives the passengers a feeling of total control. Even more important it saves at least ten seconds per passenger in processing time. When you handle 8.000.000 bags a year these 10 seconds per bag will bring approx. 27,000 hours of extra BagDrop capacity on the same footprint. This saves millions of real estate investments and a far better human resource coefficient.

Probably the most important advantage:  it will definitely put a smile on the face of the customers, who love that they are no longer standing in line can spend their time saved to go shopping, drinking, eating. Hence creating the so important non aeronautical revenue for the Airport.

All these benefits come out of spending a few cents for eezeetags.

eezeetags are BagTags specially designed for self service BagDrop operations.

eezeetags have a magic adhesive that does not stick to Bags, Clothes, Children or Floors.

eezeetags need no pulling away from any backing paper, so it creates no waste at the point of tagging.

eezeetags can’t be tagged in the wrong way

Eezeetags for CUSS Kiosks

final result: a positive end to end travel experience for the passenger

eezeetags are in operational use since 2011 at Schiphol Airport for KLM, soon followed by the big 3 in Germany for the Lufthansa operation at Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg airports. Since then more and more airports and airlines have seen the advantages eezeetags can bring to the SBD operation. Not only the major airlines, but more and more the LCC’s pick up on the positive total cost of ownership of their SBD application and use eezeetags as the only feasible tag that gives them the important positive ROI. Also airports are picking this up when CUSS kiosks are used.

But not only the ROI counts, also within the price competitive market, there is still room for competition on Passenger Experience, since if a ticket costs more or less the same, and the departure airport is the same, why not use the most friendly and service orientated airline.

The same goes for the airports, If a passenger can choose from 2 airports to fly from to the destination of choice, why not choose the one that has the best services, starting at the parking facilities, to the terminal lay-out, how fast can you move through, how much fun is there in the journey and how can the airport take away the stress around air travel.

Eezeetags is a small but yet important part in this highly complicated and competitive operation.

For more information, please visit the website or contact Eezeetags. Anyone at eezeetags is more than dedicated to this highly customizable product, so please ask us to help you with our expertise.less


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