Regulation & Quality Control of Medicines

EDQM - European Pharmacopoeia

The EDQM (Council of Europe) is a key European Organisation involved in Harmonisation & Co-ordination of Standardisation, Regulation & Quality Control of Medicines, Blood Transfusion, Organ Transplantation, Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Care.

EDQM Publications

EDQM publications include:

European PharmacopoeiaEuropean Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.)more

: From January 2011, the 7th Edition European Pharmacopoeia will enter into force and replace the 6th Edition which is legally binding until 31 December 2010. The 7th Edition is comprised of two initial volumes published in July 2010, which will be updated by non-cumulative supplements issued three times a year following the decisions taken at each session of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission. The 7th Edition will culminate in a collection of eight non-cumulative supplements (7.1 to 7.8).  It is available in print, USB key and online formats.

Pharmeuropa:  All draft monographs are first published in Pharmeuropa and available to public comment.   Issues feature official announcements on monographs that have just been adopted by the European Pharmacopoeia Commission and international harmonisation. Pharmeuropa is available in print in French and in English, as single issues or by subscription. New issues are available in January, April, July and October each year. The subscription to the printed version includes access to the internet version of Pharmeuropa and Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes.

Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes:  Scientific news linked to the work of the European Pharmacopoeia  and news in the biological standardisation area. It is available in English only and is included in the subscription to Pharmeuropa.

Blood Transfusion Guide: This guide contains a compendium of principles and standards designed to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of blood components.

Organ Transplantation Guide: This guide provides guidance on the transplantation of organs, tissues and cells of human origin for therapeutic purposes.

Pharmaceutical Care: Where do we stand - Where should we go?: A 2009 Survey Report on key concepts in pharmaceutical care, quality assessment of pharmaceutical care in Europe and sources of information.

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EDQM Reference Standards:

EDQM Reference Standards are officially valid for the uses prescribed in the PhEur monographs and are supplied solely for use in conducting the PhEur tests and assays. There are over 2200 reference standards available. The EDQM is also responsible for the establishment, preparation, storage and distribution of WHO’s International Standards for Antibiotics (ISA) and International Chemical Reference Substances (ICRS).

For more information, please contact EDQM on the links above.

Frequently Asked Questions & the EDQM HelpDesk:

In this section of our website you will find answers to many frequently asked questions about the EDQM and its activities. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us directly with your query via our HelpDesk.less


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