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The young company taking over the luxury slippers market

Edith et Marcel have only been open since June 2018

Edith et Marcel are a company that prides themselves on everything France has to offer, revelling in the romance and luxury that has long since been associated with a country that is capitalised by Paris, city of love.
Still a young company, Edith et Marcel, formed by Aurelie Varin in June 2018, already has it’s sights set on the big leagues.
The company, inherently French in it’s inception, with everything from the leather to the tissue in the shoe boxes being sourced and made in France, using only the very best materials France has to offer and utilising the skills of craftsmen who have honed their skills across France.
The slippers themselves, crafted from high quality leather and suede, exude luxury with every step. And as Aurelie says, if you can dress elegantly when you leave the house, why can’t you also be elegant in the comfort of your own home.
Edith et Marcel take their name from the love story of legendary French singer Edith Piaf and boxer Marcel Cerdan. The pair met in 1948 and fell madly in love. The romance largely had to be kept a secret due to Marcel being married and having children. Their love and passion for one another new no bounds, yearning for each other when they were apart.
One day, Edith was working in New York and begged Marcel to visit her. He already had a boat ticket but she insisted he get to her faster. He boarded a plane, which then crashed en-route from Paris to New York.
Aurelie chose this story to name her company after because she feels the love, passion and romance embodies the view of France, and this is what she wants to capture within her brand.
The slippers, already selling well in France, Japan, Switzerland and the United States, are being shouted about in fashion blogs around the world, with new designs and colours becoming available.

Aurelie is looking to create relationships with B2B partners that carry the same values: luxury, quality and design speciality. She would like to offer her speciality product to establishments such as 5 star hotels, as well as corporate hospitality and airlines, offering the exquisite items to passengers choosing to travel in first class, adding an extra level of flair to luxury travel. The slippers can be customised to advertise the hotel and airline,using the logo or monogram of the airline, hotel or boutique to be given as gifts to VIP customers and guests 

With stars in their eyes, the only way for Edith et Marcel to travel, is up.

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