Batteries and Energetic Devices

EaglePicher Technologies

EaglePicher Technologies is a specialty supplier of batteries and energetic devices for applications in the aerospace, defense, commercial and medical sectors. The company is highly experienced in a broad range of battery electrochemistry solutions including thermal, lithium ion, nickel hydrogen, silver zinc and many other types of batteries.

EaglePicher also supplies pyrotechnic devices, battery assemblies and management systems along with a broad range of other power products. The full product range includes:more

  • Aircraft Power Systems
  • Battery Research and Development
  • Custom Battery Design
  • Maritime Battery Systems
  • Battery Management systems
  • Launch Vehicle Batteries
  • Battery Charger / Analyzers
  • Energetic / Pyrotechnic Devices
  • FOB Energy Storage Systems
  • Thermal Battery Manufacturing

Aircraft Power Systems

EaglePicher offers aircraft power systems for a wide range of aerospace technology. The product line includes batteries, power cells, chargers, battery management systems and rugged battery packaging. The company is highly experienced in developing lightweight, high quality batteries to maximize reliability and safety.

EaglePicher has been active in the industry for more than 50 years, and has evolved from 1960s technology using Lithium main batteries with NiCad power systems for data backup and avionics. They are currently developing a complete range of Lithium Ion main and emergency batteries for aircraft and avionics.

FOB Energy Storage Solutions

EaglePicher offers battery management systems and forward operating base (FOB) energy storage solutions for military applications. These are essential for maintaining uninterrupted power supplies during military operations. The FOB energy storage solutions allow effective power distribution, even when relying on fluctuating or intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar power.

EaglePicher's range of specialist, rugged and efficient batteries allow them to offer a broad portfolio of energy storage systems with options for network backup and uninterruptible power supplies. The batteries are built to be lightweight, and durable, for easy transport, straightforward deployment and reliable function even in extreme temperatures and other adverse conditions. They also offer on-board battery management systems and charger / analyzers to keep batteries and the dependent energy storage solutions functioning at their peak.

Military Battery Development

EaglePicher is highly active in military battery development and research. The company has a dedicated R&D center with advanced processing systems and analytical equipment. Major areas of development include battery management systems, chargers and energy storage solutions together with custom battery designs to meet new application requirements.

The company has a dedicated, multidisciplinary team of over 100 engineers and scientists with experience in electrochemistry, battery and pyrotechnic design, modeling, material synthesis, power system manufacturing, management and integration. EaglePicher products have powered everything from land, marine and airborne vehicles to missiles, rocket systems, monitoring systems and communications. Contact EaglePicher to discuss your power system requirements.less


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  • Greg Miller

    Vice President of Engineering and Technology Contact Expert

    Mr. Miller began his career at EPT in 1992 as a Project Design Engineer and later advanced through levels including Chief Electronics Engineer, Engineering Manager of Product Development, Engineering Director of New Product Development and is now VP.

  • Ron Nowlin

    Vice President and General Manager for Aerospace & Defense Systems Contact Expert

    Mr. Nowlin began his career at EPT in 1996 and has ascended through the ranks in Contracts, Business Development, Finance, Product Development, Operations, and now serves as the VP & GM over Aerospace & Defense business units.

  • Dave Lucero

    Vice President and General Manager for Medical Power Contact Expert

    Mr. Lucero joined EPT in 1989 and over the years has held various technical and business positions to include Engineer, Manufacturing Manager, Engineering Manager, Nickel Products Department Manager, Director, Alternative Energy Storage and now a VP & GM.

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