Containment, Transportation and Disposal of Explosives

Dynasafe AB

Dynasafe AB - Containment, Transport, Disposal and Final Destruction of Explosives and Munitions, Conventional and Chemical.

DYNASAFE AB is the world's leading designer, developer and supplier of systems for the safe containment, transportation and final destruction of explosives and munitions. The company takes great pride in being able to offer unique innovating products with the highest quality and security level. Dynasafe can also present the market's widest selection of products and services related to the containment, suppression and destruction of explosions, explosives and munitions.more

Gas Tight Containment Chambers and Suppression Chambers

The Dynasafe range of containment and suppression chambers is tailored to handle anything from 50g to 25kg of TNT (or equivalent). The containment chambers from Dynasafe do not only protect against blast wave and high speed fragment, but all Dynasafe's containment chambers are also gas-tight. Gases from explosions can be contained for at least 24 hours. This is of crucial importance when toxic chemical or biological components may be present.

Depending on the client, EOD or IEOD equipment from Dynasafe are today delivered for use by e.g. Security companies, Police forces, Military units, Airport authorities and major companies, to be ready to deal with multiple threats such as terrorist bombs, suspicious letter bombs or letters suspected of containing chemical/biological agents and other forms of transportation of dangerous goods.

Today's standard products available are supplied from 6kg portable versions to mobile or stationary chambers in the level of 50,000kg. With this unique range of equipments, Dynasafe can easily offer their clients the right product for the task and even when the final product is often sprung from a standard and well proven product and concept, the products finally delivered by Dynasafe are mostly tailored to meet the demand from the client. This in combination with a program of continues contact with clients; ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

SCC - Surveillance and Communications Centre (Guard booth)

A new challenge for Dynasafe was to design a surveillance and communications centre for and in cooperation with a European police force. The result of the Dynasafe engineering staff was the SCC. The SCC is a unique surveillance and communications centre for stationary but mainly designed for mobile use by, amongst others, security companies, police forces, military units and airport authorities.

The design with four individual adjustable support legs enables the SCC to be placed on nearly any type of terrain. Further the level of protection against not only firearms and explosions but also chemical and biological substances together with the possibility to rapidly be placed where needed, when needed, without, in the first step, worrying about external support. This contributes to the uniqueness of the SCC. The SCC is tailored and equipped according to demands from the final user.

Project Management and Expert Analysis of Safe Handling and Destruction of Munitions

The provision of complete plants (incl. Off-gas treatment) for the safe destruction of conventional and chemical munitions is a further area in which Dynasafe has a leading position. This was earned through multiple success projects delivered to clients worldwide. Dynasafe has not only several plants running in the world but also contributed with project management, expert analysis and engineering in the field of safe handling and destruction of munitions with or without chemical and biological agents.

Dynasafe has developed the method of a Static Kiln and the use of this method has resulted in several standard units for both stationary and mobile use. The SK is always tailored to meet the end client's specific needs, but it is always reassuring, in particular when dealing with chemical/biological munitions that are highly unstable, that the method is well tested and knowing that you are supported by the world's leading company in this field of expertise.

Dynasafe's services and products are sold worldwide. The company's many satisfied clients include bodies and agencies with interests in protection, security (airport, airline, etc.), law enforcement, transport, engineering, munitions destruction and expert analysis.

The Dynasafe staff is always at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact us and challenge our excellent engineers.less


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