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Over the past 42 years Dortek have manufactured and installed in excess of 200,000 high performance doorsets supplying 14 of the global top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers across over 20 countries. Throughout Dortek’s international locations we are recognised by the markets we serve for our commitment to innovation, quality and customer service.

Dortek is a highly specialised ‘one stop shop’ for all your door requirements. We not only manufacture doors but we also offer the following services:more

  • Design.
  • Bespoke solutions based on client requirements.
  • Ancillaries e.g. Door furniture, automation, and interlocking.
  • Door schedules
  • CAD drawings
  • Project management
  • Site surveys
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Service, repair and maintenance

Cleanroom Doors

Dortek offer door solutions for both traditional build and modular systems into GMP environments including both FM and FDA approved facilities.  Our extensive in house knowledge of controlled environments enables us to fully understand your requirements and design a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Cleanroom Doors  Laboratory Doors

Laboratory Doors

The hygienic qualities of our doors mean they are suited to many levels of laboratory up to Bio Safety Level (BSL) 4. They combine impact resistance with a perfectly smooth ledge free finish compliant with GLP requirements. Dortek’s glass reinforced polyester (GRP) doors are resistant to the latest cleaning regimes such as vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) which corrodes traditional steel doors.

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Doors

Glass DoorsDortek GRP doors are manufactured from reinforced polyester and contain no organic material. GRP doors have a moulded smooth seamless one piece construction which is easy to clean, does not harbour bacteria and is unaffected by moisture and commonly used chemicals and cleaning agents. This makes them particularly suitable in areas that have regular and rigorous cleaning regimes.

GRP doors are extremely strong and durable, yet light and easy to operate. The built-in colour of GRP doors is aesthetically pleasing and requires no maintenance.

Unlike timber or steel doors, GRP doors are non – shedding and will not warp, swell, rot or rust, even in the most arduous conditions.? Dortek GRP doors can be supplied as: Hinged, Double action, or single action, Sliding or bi-parting and Fire rated upto 4 Hours.

Visit Dortek's GRP Doors section for more information.

Glass Doors

Constructed of a fully flush 2 x 6mm glass panel the Dortek fully glazed sliding door is both aesthetically pleasing and allows the maximum amount of light and vision between different areas. Despite giving a bright and open appearance this door also offers hermetic sealing reducing cross contamination.

Sliding Doors

Fire DoorsManufactured from GRP our range of sliding doors are particularly suitable where hinged doors cannot be specified due to a combination of floor area not being available within the room and narrow access corridors. They are also a moulded one piece product and offer all of the benefits mentioned in our earlier section on GRP doors.

Fire Doors

Independently tested to a number of international standards including British Standard (BS) 476 and European Norm (EN) 1634 Dortek GRP fire doors offer the unique combination of hygiene and fire performance. Hinged doors carry up to a 4 hour rating and sliding doors up to 2 hours. Both can be supplied with fully flush vision panel’s up to a maximum 400 x 600mm dimension.

Hermetic Sealing Doors

Dortek hermetic sealing sliding doors are specified in areas where control of air leakage is critical. They use a unique rail system which allows the door to seal against the floor and wall at the very end of the closing cycle giving reliable performance and minimum wear to the door seals. Air leakage has been tested independently and results upto 400 Pa pressure differential are available upon request.

Hermetic Sealing Doors   Automation & Interlocking

Automation and Interlocking

Door automation eliminates the need to touch the door surface, therefore reducing contamination and making traffic movement much easier. In a controlled environment there are often air pressure differentials working across the door openings which affect the operation of the doors. Dortek automations are designed specifically to work within such demanding environments.

Both automated and manual doors can be interlocked using Dortek bespoke plc based control panels. They can be linked to the building management system, fire alarm and even cleanroom equipment.

Cleanroom Windows

Manufactured to suit both traditional built and modular wall systems the Dortek cleanroom window complies with GMP/GLP requirements. Units can be offered with integral blinds, smart glass and fire rating independently tested to European Norm (EN) 1364 – 1 for up to 2 hours fire resistance.

Cleanroom Windows

Dortek invests in Bio Decontamination

Dortek Ltd provide a complete facility decontamination service and supply equipment developed to use aerosol based technology that delivers precise, controlled quantities of disinfectant as a dry vapour. Fully documented risk assessments and method statements provide our clients with detailed instruction of health & safety requirements and the disinfection process whilst the equipment employed provides safe validation of the procedure throughout delivery.  Bio-sampling of strategically placed spore strips provide our clients with assurance of the disinfection effectiveness.

Dortek Ltd is a dynamic company that prides itself on being customer focused and has built a positive reputation with its excellent service.


Pharmaceutical Production Facility Decontamination

From 50m³ cleanroom to 8000m³ multi room pharmaceutical production facilities our “dry vapour” process has continually proven effective. The biodecontamination service provides real time monitoring and tracking of the sterilant dry vapour with the VHS Tracer equipment. At the end of each cycle a readout is provided as confirmation of the vapour levels, coverage and timings. This data along with the international accepted Biological Indicators provide an effective validation of our comprehensive pharmaceutical production facility decontamination service.

Our equipment meets GMP and GLP recommendations and reduces the contact of personnel with chemicals.

Dry Vapour Chemical Disinfection

Disinfection SystemsCustom-built fixed or mobile systems for can be manufactured and installed to operate in any size and/or complicated facility. These can be fully automated with logging capabilities or manually operated and simple, dependant on what the customer and process requires. The vapour decontamination systems generate a vapour with droplets of a consistent size below 1 micron; these quickly evaporate and create a dry vapour. This dry vapour chemical disinfection system is of great benefit in pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, hotels, clean rooms or any industry that has sensitive electrical instruments, as the equipment can remain in the facility where they will be sanitised but not wetted.

Hydrogen Peroxide / Chlorine Dioxide Decontamination

All our Vapour Decontamination systems, fixed or mobile, have the capability to deliver aqueous sterilant, hydrogen peroxide vapour, chlorine dioxide etc. Our favoured sterilant is hydrogen peroxide with a small amount of peracetic acid, this has proven efficacy against spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is biodegradable and leaves no residue. We also offer chlorine dioxide decontamination facilities.

A detailed Risk Assessment is always conducted and recorded for use before, during and after the dry vapour process to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations at all times.  Our clients are provided with a Method Statement featuring the procedures to be employed in order to achieve a safe and effective result.

Sterilisation Validation Service

We offer a full sterilisation validation service to ensure reliable decontamination.  To determine the result of our service, numerous spore discs impregnated with Geobacillus stearothermophilus are placed at pre-determined locations throughout the area prior to the commencement of the process.  The spore discs are collected and placed immediately into vials of Tryptone broth these are then transport to the VHS validation unit laboratories for cultivation in our incubators and monitored for seven days. If the client prefers we can generate extra discs and leave these for independent processing.

The results are part of the validated service and included in our full comprehensive report which is supplied as part of our package.less


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