Civil & Military Limb Protection and Riot Shields

DMS Protective Equipment Ltd

We are one of the UK's longest established companies manufacturing Civil & Military Protective Equipment in limb protection and riot shields and currently hold the National Contracts. DMS have been thermoforming plastics since 1974, and manufacturing blunt trauma limb protectors and shields since 1982.

We have an expert 'in-house' design team who have engineered the extensive range to offer a high degree of protection, whilst combining weight savings, improved performance and manoeuvrability, and a range of sizes for both male and female officers.more

We aim to work with our customers to research and develop a range that suits their needs in this ever changing environment.

The Scorpion limb protection has been independently tested against the requirements of British Standard BS7971.4 and HOSDB (CAST) Blunt Trauma Protector Standard for UK Police 2007.

We manufacture in our UK plant and we are ISO 9001:2008 certificated.

Scorpion Blunt Trauma Protectors

The effectiveness of blunt trauma protection depends on a combination of factors including strength, durability, comfort and flexibility to be able to cope with the many situations found in the field.

Scorpion protectors are high performance yet lightweight limb and body guards that give comprehensive protection against impacts from strikes and thrown objects. With an unrivalled range of standard sizes - and having been ergonomically designed to give the wearer maximum comfort and freedom of movement - Scorpion Protectors will give your staff, both male and female, the confidence and manoeuvrability they need to get the job done.

The range includes Shoulder and upper arm, Chest and Back protectors, forearm and elbow, thigh guard, shin and knee, metatarsal as well as male and female groin protectors. New to the range is the mounted shin and knee protection, designed with the comfort of horse and rider in mind.

Lightweight Personal Protective Shields

Lightweight Protective Shield

Lightweight Personal Protective Shields come in three types for every tactical requirement. They are all manufactured from Makralon Polycarbonate which gives them immense strength but minimal weight and allows the user an excellent field of vision. A key feature of the range is that it has been designed to address the problems frequently encountered in the storage and transportation of Personal Protective Equipment.

We offer a variety of handle configurations including our unique folding design where the handles can be folded flat to save space in storage/vehicles but locked-out and deployed in seconds. All shields feature vibration resistant handle mountings to prevent the shock of impacts being transmitted to the user. The range include Scorpion 650mm Round Shield, Scorpion 550mm Medic/Dog handler shield, Scorpion Interlocking shield available in a range of sizes, the Scorpion long shield and the Scorpion curved shield. All certified to BS 7971-3.

Scorpion Batons

Scorpion Baton

Scorpion Batons are traditional, straight public order batons. Manufactured from 31mm diameter durable Nylon 6 material they are available in a range of standard lengths from 530mm to 850mm but other lengths can be produced on request. They all feature a braided cord wrist strap and retaining ring to ensure retention in the belt-mounted holder.

Lives may depend on this equipment therefore design and manufacturing excellence are our primary concerns. All our products are developed with input from the agencies that will use them. We have full design, development and prototyping facilities and all our products are tested exhaustively during their development in house and then subject to independent testing before being certified to the highest standards available. Our manufacturing facility has a Quality Management System audited and accredited to ISO9001:2008.less


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