Infeeding Systems

The power of Dividella's NeoTOP cartoning solutions is enhanced by modular feeding systems that allow packaging lines to be optimized and tailored for all packaging formats and objects.

Dividella feeding modules can be selected to support Top Loading of sensitive parenteral products. In the case of the new NeoTRAY solution, Side Loading of the contents follow the product insertion where both can be effected simultaneously.

These feeding systems incorporate highly sophisticated technology, developed over many decades and extensively field tested and proven within the pharmaceutical industry.

Feeding concepts  There is a basic conceptual difference between loading and feeding. Whereas ‘loading’ refers to the filling of a package with its contents and inserts, feeding means bringing of the various elements of the whole package to the production process in exactly the correct order and orientation.

The importance of advanced feeding systems can be understood when it is borne in mind that the whole packaging line can only operate at the speed of ‘the slowest ship in the convoy’. Therefore, feeding systems must also operate at sufficient speed and reliability so as not to hold up the overall production process.

Dividella’s feeding and packaging systems embrace modular design and engineering to deliver standardization and customization.

Modular feeding Modular design means that different feeding elements can be incorporated at will within the overall NeoTOP or NeoTRAY system to support any combination of needs, ranging from specific packaging formats to a wide range of different medicinal products and devices, parenterals or solid forms.

Modular design also recognizes an environment in which requirements and regulations can change rapidly and radically, bringing need for significant reorientations in the production process.

 Dividella provides modular and extendable feeding systems to support overall flexibility, maximum control of overall packaging format and ready upgrading and expansion with minimal need for additional investment.

For example, it requires addition of a single module to reconfigure a NeoTOP line from vial packaging to support either vial or syringe package production.

These advantages work together to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Total Cost of Package (TCP).

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