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Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), based in Beaverton, Oregon, is a leading supplier of secure identity and media management solutions. Digimarc provides products and services that enable the annual production of more than 60 million personal identification documents, including two-thirds of U.S. driver licenses and IDs for more than 20 countries. Digimarc's digital watermarking technology provides a persistent digital identity for various media content and is used to enhance the security of financial documents, identity documents and digital images, and support other media rights management applications.more

Biometric Identification Solutions

Digimarc’s Industry-Leading Biometric Identification Solution Proves Effective as Crime-Fighting Tool

Digimarc facial recognition biometrics ensures individuals applying for a driver license have not already been issued valid credentials under another name or identity. Sophisticated facial recognition technologies match the new portrait to identify potential duplicates. It is a leading Biometric Identification solution proving to be effective in helping jurisdictions in the US detect and deter driver license fraud.

In the U.S, 29% of driver license issuing jurisdictions use facial recognition-based biometrics to ensure the goal of “one driver, one license”.  Digimarc serves approximately 2/3 of the jurisdictions using facial recognition-based biometrics and pursuing opportunities in other States and countries turning to biometrics enrollment. 

Digimarc - Contactless Smart Card Driver License

The Digimarc contactless smart card option anticipates the growing need for Governments globally using such technology for citizen border crossing, immigration cards, drivers licences, national ID, health & welfare. 

Digimarc provides driver license issuers an advanced and proven centrally issued driver license solution that can now incorporate a range of contactless smart card technologies.  Digimarc’s smart card-enabled driver license solution also gives the Federal government an attractive, alternative means to meet its “PASS” card objectives with a low-risk, low-cost solution that leverages existing State ID issuance infrastructures.

Digimarc to Implement Border Crossing Pilot

Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) is implementing their newly developed Enhanced Driver License (EDL).  Washington DOL and the Department of Homeland Security have agreed to run an initiative that allows the EDL to be used as an alternative travel document to re-enter the United States, through sea and land border crossings.  Digimarc will supply applicant enrollment and screening solutions and the production of the RFID-enabled EDL.

The new system uses Digimarc applicant screening solutions to verify an applicant’s identity documents; data such as name and address; and facial biometrics ensure only one license is issued to one legitimate person.

ICAO Compliant Facial Biometric Image Capture

Digimarc’s proprietary Find-A-Face™ solution makes facial biometric enrollment simple, fast and cost effective. There’s no need to reposition the camera and adjust capture settings for different individuals. The technology found in the Digimarc Camera Tower provides facial biometric ICAO compliant ID portraits.

It is robust and reliable and automatically analyses the applicant’s image and crops and resizes to ensure that the subject’s face fills the portrait area of the ID document. This formatted image is then colour and gamma corrected to provide accurate representation of the full range of human skin tones and complexions.

Software provides fast and accurate searches to check for duplicates and fraud applications.less


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