Precise engagement of sea targets


RBS15 Mk3

RBS15 Mk3 is a further development of the RBS15 Mk2 heavy-weight anti-ship missile in service with the Swedish and other navies. It differs from its predecessor through its considerably longer range of 200km, its upgraded active-radar seeker, precise GPS/INS guidance and its highly efficient and userfriendly MEPS (Missile Engagement Planning System). RBS15 Mk3

It will be employed to engage both surface ships and stationary land targets. Within the context of subsequent upgrades, the missile will be provided with a data link and an additional IR seeker to also enable precise engagement of land targets beyond simple coordinate bombing.

In 1998, Diehl BGT Defence and Saab Bofors Dynamics concluded a cooperation agreement according to which Diehl BGT Defence is prime contractor for production of the missile and for marketing in Germany and other countries. Diehl BGT Defence will also act as prime contractor vis-à-vis the German Navy for maintenance and repair of the missile and shipboard system. First missile deliveries for the new K130 corvettes are scheduled for 2007.

underwater missile for defenceBarracuda

Barracuda is a technology demonstration program for a supercavitating underwater missile for defence against torpedoes and for engagement of submarines. It is equipped with a rocket motor, inertial reference unit/autopilot and a mobile, conus-shaped tip. The rocket motor provides Barracuda with an underwater speed of 360km/hr, the inertial reference unit/autopilot stabilizes the missile and the flexible nose cone provides steering. During underwater travel, Barracuda moves in an air bubble, the so-called cavitation bubble which greatly reduces the water resistance, thus enabling the high speed. Some test models of the underwater missile have been built, successfully demonstrating stable straight and curved path accuracy in several tests. Barracuda will be deployed from submarines and from surface vessels.

76mm ammunition76mm ammunition

For the OTO Melara 76mm L/62 naval gun, Diehl BGT Defence has developed a complete ammunition family, based on the 76mm x 636 cartridge. Over 300,000 units have been sold to 20 navies worldwide. All cartridges are characterized by a uniform flight path whose external ballistics meet NATO standards as well as NATO environmental and safety requirements. The cartridge is available in variants for training, spotting-charge, highexplosive and blast/fragmentation purposes.


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