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Densiphalt® - A strong and joint free pavement for airport areas.

One of the challenges facing engineers involved in airport planning is design and construction of durable, low-maintenance and economical pavements. As traffic intensity, axle loads, tyre pressures and aircraft size continue to increase, so does the demand for improved airfield pavements. Since 1983 Densit a/s has supplied cost-effective Densiphalt® pavement solutions for airports around the world.more

Densiphalt® is a composite paving material that combines the flexible properties of asphalt with the static bearing capacity and durability of concrete. It consists of an open-graded asphalt with the voids filled with high-strength cement-based mortar. Densiphalt® is applied as a 30-100 mm layer and is laid on an adequate base course such as asphalt, lean-mix concrete or standard concrete.

It is vital for an airport and its airlines that the pavements are able to withstand heavily channelled traffic, long-term parking and fuel spills with minimum maintenance and minimum downtime. The high strength of the Densiphalt® pavement makes it able to withstand high stresses and static loads avoiding rutting and dents. Densiphalt® is impermeable and has a good chemical resistance to e.g. jet fuel and de-icing liquids and it fulfils the environmental standards. The jointfree Densiphalt® pavement ensures a long-term solution and a minimum of maintenance.

During the last 15 years Densiphalt® has been successfully installed in airports around the world. Applications have included aprons, de-icing areas, pushback areas, taxi-holding positions, refuelling pads, runway ends and holding bays.

In a co-operation with contracting and consulting partners world wide, Densit offers the airport:

  • An individually customised Densiphalt® pavement design
  • The final Densiphalt® pavement application
  • Super vision
  • 16 years of experience with semi-flexible pavements

For more information or further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.less


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