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Denny Bros Ltd, a specialist printer since 1945, devised the multi-page label concept, branded as Fix-a-Form, in the late 1970s. First developed as a solution to an agrochemical customer’s need to attach more product information on-pack, Fix-a-Form has since become an internationally renowned system for communicating product information onto any product where space is limited. Now over 20 companies around the world make Fix-a-Form locally under licence from Denny Bros Ltd.more

Innovation drives the company beyond conventional thinking and early on, quality became a key issue. It is these characteristics which have steered continued growth and the introduction of new products.

The ongoing challenge is finding a solution to a specific packaging problem presented by a customer e.g. too much text, too little space, an awkward container, unusual storage conditions, a fast production line or randomised winning numbers.

Fix-a-Form / Multi-Page Labels

Fix-a-Form, multi-page labels are the ideal solution to your on pack challenge, whether you face product information restrictions due to limited space or problems with executing your promotional campaign.

Pharmaceutical, animal health, car care, DIY, toiletry and food and drink markets all regularly useFix-a-Form to communicate on-pack. Their applications often include multi-lingual instructions, Braille and product information to help consumers get the most out of the product and to meet packaging regulations. Money-off coupons, scratch off, recipe guides and unique numbering are also frequently used to enhance on-shelf impact and influence decision making in-store.less


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