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Delfasco, LLC

Delfasco specializes in the production of high quality steel products for a global military client base. With over 30 years of experience, the company has manufactured practice bombs, suspension lugs, military pallets, and ammunition containers for some of the world's largest defence contractors, including General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Sargent Fletcher and SAIC. Notably, all pilots presently serving in the US Marines, Navy and Air Force have trained using Delfasco's practice bombs.more

The company is proud of its on-site manufacturing capabilities, which include stamping/forming, welding, machining, finishing and assembly. Delfasco offers the following defence products:

Practice Bomb

Delfasco's practice bombs are a military standard training aid for Navy and Air Force pilots. Featuring a variety of bomb rack configurations, the practice bomb can be adapted for use on most fixed-wing bomber/fighter aircraft. Practice bombs are manufactured from steel as a cost effective training ordinance which simulates the handling, look and feel of real bombs.

Delfasco's practice bombs are US Navy and Air Force designed, featuring enhanced accuracy, target acquisition and efficiency. Delfasco practice bombs are non-lethal, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and 10 million have been shipped without one missed delivery schedule or field rejection.

Ammunition Containers

Delfasco ammunition containers are suitable for the storage and transportation of munitions, such as tank rounds, aerial rockets, artillery rounds and propellant charges. The ammunition containers are designed to store and ship products that may be sensitive to humidity and extreme temperature. Ammunition containers are manufactured to military specification and are available as square bell, cylindrical or custom design.

Delfasco ammunition containers provide an airtight seal, improving the security and shelf life of stored munitions. All containers are treated with Type 1 Zinc Phosphate to protect against harsh conditions then finished with an appropriate topcoat of paint.

Suspension Lugs

Suspension Lugs manufactured by Delfasco are the most suitable method for fixing rockets, bombs, fuel tanks and pods to rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Each Delfasco suspension lug is subject to magnetic particle inspection to assure the product is fracture free. Aerodynamically designed, suspension lugs are customized for various air-deployed munitions.

Military Pallets and Adapters

Delfasco's military pallets and adapters enable the mobility of vital munitions. Combined, military pallets, adapters and containers are the components of the Fastpack Munition Design, favored by the armed forces for secure storage and the efficient unloading and loading of munitions. All platforms undergo stringent military testing and are approved by the US Army.

Military pallets and adapters are prepared with a chemical coating to provide longevity and additional protection against spillages from corrosive products. All platforms are designed for the optimal delivery and handling of munitions, and provide a versatile, secure and reliable solution for the bundling of ammunition containers. Delfasco is the only defence supplier to manufacture both military pallets and ammunition containers in house, providing a single vendor for your needs as well as the confidence of proper compatibility of all components.

MK84 Conical Fin

Delfasco manufactures MK-84 conical fins for low drag general purpose bombs. They are designed for maximum stability as well as limiting drag. The MK84 conical fin has a standard measurement of 49.09” long, a fin span of 25.31” and weighs approximately 114 lbs. Delfasco is the only supplier equipped to manufacture the MK84 conical fin and was integral in securing the durable powder coating for this product, which is approved by the US Navy.less


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