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delair Air Traffic Systems GmbH, a recognised leader in airport process management, was founded in 1997 by employees of the DLR (German Aerospace Center) at the Research Airport Braunschweig, Germany. Based on the knowledge of former activities in research delair develops innovative air traffic management systems.

In the field of airport and air traffic management systems delair provides most advanced solutions which support all organisations involved in airport processes, e.g. air traffic control, airport operators, airlines and handling agents.more

The delair systems have already been integrated successfully at international airports like Zurich (Switzerland), Frankfurt (Germany), and Vienna (Austria).

The operationally proven Advanced CDM product suite consists of several modules like arrival, departure and resource manager. They can be combined or integrated separately, depending on the requirements of the customer.

delair has developed the management systems to optimise processes of air traffic control, airport operators, airlines and handling agents. The main benefit of the products and services is that they allow for a considerable cost reduction and environmental savings at an airport.

Collaborative Decision Making

Collaborative Decision Making - A-CDM PlatformThe objective of CDM is to exchange and use information among airport stakeholders with the goal to improve the overall efficiency of operations, particularly considering the aircraft turnaround process. Advanced Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) was designed to support the CDM process with suitable tools.

delair has developed the world’s first Advanced Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) product suite which is fully in accord with the Airport CDM approach of Eurocontrol.

The A-CDM product suite initially was implemented in Zurich where it has been used successfully since 2003. In Zurich the following benefits could be achieved:

  • additional capacity (2-3 additional movements at peak hours)
  • reduced fuel costs (more than 1,100 t fuel saved which corresponds to 1.5 mio EUR)
  • reduced environmental impacts (3,600 t CO2, 34 t CO, etc.)

This improvement of performance results from the use of A-CDM modules which serve to optimise departures, arrivals, parking positions, gates, check-in counters and to assist air traffic controllers, pilots and handling agents.

The A-CDM product suite includes the following modules:

  • AMAN - arrival manager
  • DMAN - departure manager
  • AMAN/DMAN – cooperative arrival and departure manager
  • RMAN - resource manager
  • SMAN - surface movement manager
  • EFSS - electronic flight strip system
  • APMS - airport performance management system

Arrival and Departure Management

Arrival and Departure Managementdarts4D (AMAN/DMAN – cooperative arrival and departure manager) is the only operational solution in the world which optimises arrivals and departures. For this purpose the relevant information from all stakeholders like ATC, airport, airlines and ground handling agents is continuously taken into account when allocating the best runway and calculating the optimal arrival and departure sequence. To achieve an optimal throughput, darts4D considers all necessary constraints like airspace structure, runway system, wake vortex category, speed, restrictions, wind, etc.

Surface Movement Management

darts4D-SMAN (SMAN – surface movement manager) enhances the arrival and departure management systems as it closes the gap between the two systems. It optimises the traffic flow of ground movements and it assists controllers with planning information for aircraft ground movements on the basis of the planning results and objectives of the arrival and departure management systems. Ground vehicles can also be considered especially to detect violations of restricted areas by the definition and implementation of so-called ‘Geo Fences’ (virtual fences).

Airport Resource Management

Airport Resource Managementsally (RMAN - resource manager) is the most flexible, powerful and fastest resource management solution on the market. The expert system assists long term, seasonal, short term and daily planners to get the maximum out of the existing resources. In order to plan the usage of all resources like stands and gates most accurately and within seconds highly sophisticated planning and optimisation algorithms are used.

Electronic Flight Progress Strips

focus (EFSS - electronic flight strip system) is an electronic flight strip system with an easy transition from paper strips. Each working position has its specific operational requirement and the demands of the airports distinguish from each other. focus covers all these aspects and provides specific layouts for each working position. Thus, each controller can be assisted in the optimal way.

In cooperation with DFS and the Technical University Darmstadt, delair has developed a totally new and intuitive aerodrome controller HMI which has been honoured with the prestigious iF design award.

Airport Performance Management

arosa (APMS - airport performance management system) is a generic system designed for management and analysis of the airport capacity. The complete turn-around process with all arrival and departure movements is taken into consideration holistically.

On the basis of an immediate analysis and control of ground movements arosa provides an always up-to-date evaluation and, subsequently, an optimum use of airport capacity.less


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    Jürgen is Director Marketing & Sales at delair. With almost 30 years in aviation he has expert reputation in A-CDM, airport operations, processes and technology. For more than 12 years delair has pioneered airport and A-CDM solutions operational at many a

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