300 Amp High Power Solid-State Power Controller!

Data Device Corporation

Data Device Corporation (DDC) introduces a new compact (6.3 in X 4.6 in), multi-channel Solid-State Power Controller card with the capability to distribute and control power to four independent 75 Amp subsystems, and handle high current loads (up to 300 Amps) with channel paralleling.

Solid-State Power Controllers

Solid-State Power Controllers

Solid-State Power Controllers provide many performance and reliability advantages over electromechanical circuit breakers, and the RP-26300 further expands those advantages by offering a low-weight, low-volume, and highly-efficient thermal dissipation solution for high power applications. The RP-26300 features mission critical capabilities such as remote monitoring of load current, voltage, and temperature, SAE J1939 compatible CAN interface, programmable trip setting per channel, and battle mode trip override.

The RP-26300 provides advanced power control to:

  • Protect Sensitive Electronics with EMI Reduction
  • Support Load Shedding
  • Simplify Crew Operation with Automated Power Control
  • Extend Maintenance Schedules with Diagnostic and Prognostic Data
  • Improve Mission Safety, Reliability, and Longevity

"The RP-26300 has the current handling capacity for all high-power applications, and the advanced solid-state power control technology to extend mission safety and longevity by providing automated power control, and real-time feedback to vehicle management systems", stated Steve Rood Goldman, DDC's High-Speed Networking Marketing Manager.

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