PW-82530N0 3-Phase DC Motor Torque Controller

Data Device Corporation

Data Device Corporation presents the high spec PW-82530N0 3-Phase DC Motor Torque Controller.

3-Phase DC Motor Torque Controller

The cost-effective torque loop controller can accurately regulate the current through windings of the 3-phase direct current brushless motors. The 3-phase DC motor torque controller supports four-quadrant operation and is perfect for applications involving precise current control and / or demanding torque held at zero input command.

3-Phase DC Torque Motor

Product features:

  • Single-module system offers better efficiency than in-house or multi-components solutions
    • Fewer component parts and better mean time before failure
    • Programmable system enables a single design to be deployed over multiple application platforms.
    • compact 3-phase controller
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 100ºC
  • 10 Amp Output Current
  • High Performance Four-Quadrant Drive
    • Linear Current Control Through Zero
    • Holding Torque Through Zero Current
    • No Deadband at Zero
  • Precise Control and Positioning for Critical Applications due to Zero Current Holding Torque Control
    • 3 percent Current Regulating Accuracy
    • 7 percent linearity

Data Device Corporation's Marketing Manager, Steve Rood Goldman explains: "Complementary four-quadrant drive capability enables the PW-82530N0 to offer highly linear current control and superior holding torque, especially during a zero current command, affording it significant advantages over standard motor controllers, in a low cost package".

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