Integrated Laboratory Automation, High Throughput Screening: Proteins

Dasgip AG

DASGIP is a provider of first class laboratory equipment for global players in the biopharmaceutical, chemical and food & feed industry.

The Juelich based company supplies state-of-the-art parallel bioreactor systems for bench top microbe, human, and animal cell growth. DASGIP’s systems unite user friendly bioreactors with a powerful control software: Up to sixteen highly instrumented reactors can be operated in parallel. As a result, high experimental throughput, minimum input of resources and maximum information output are achieved at the same time.more

Lab Scale Bioreactor Systems

DASGIP Parallel lab scale bioreactor systems for microbiology and cell culture are modular designed to offer customized solutions for even specific applications in research and process development. At the same time, all main components have a similar design and are made from standard parts to guarantee reliable product quality and to offer high compatibility with any other DASGIP products and with third party equipment. Due to its parallel design up to 16 vessels can be operated with one set-up.

A number of control units allows for comprehensive monitoring and control such as pH, pO2, redox and cell growth monitoring, off-gas analysis as well as agitation, gassing and temperature control. Working volumes from 35 mL to 7L enable operators to work with a minimum input of resources meeting their specific needs. Thanks to an in-house developed software the system features several process automation options such as pre-defined and pre-configured profiles e.g. for gassing, feeding and agitation. Almost each controller can be utilized as trigger for other process values.

Integrated Laboratory Automation

OPC software allows for effective integrated laboratory automation linking DASGIP systems and third party devices. Open connectivity via OPC guarantees integration of DASGIP systems and single operated modules into supervisory process control systems and historians. Additionally, OPC works the other way round to integrate third party lab devices such as auto samplers and analyzers (i.e. nutrient monitoring and control devices, HPLC, Cell Counter) into the DASGIP system.

The possibility for full process automation facilitates DASGIP customers to align with the demand of the FDA’s Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Initiative, to communicate, capture and control bioprocess data for cultivation processes.

High Throughput Screening: Protein

DASGIP’s BioLector provides high throughput screening of protein production and cell growth in up to ninety six wells arranged online and in parallel.  The system also offers dissolved oxygen and pH measurements for each well.  Sustained agitation of the BioLector promotes continuous aeration through gas transfer between the wells and their environment.  The cultivation chamber offers optimal atmospheres for every requirement.

Operators of the BioLector can screen numerous samples in parallel for growth and expression levels.  The system operates with sample volumes between 100-1000 microlitres per well.

Bioreactor Software

DASGIP Control 4.0 bioreactor software integrates process automation as well as real-time monitoring and control of all crucial process parameters in 4, 8, 12 or 16 culture vessels in parallel. Operators can utilize preconfigured profiles or free defined software triggers to automate their processes. At the same time, they can manually change set points and cultivation strategies during the experiment if necessary. All events are logged in automatically, and the export to MS Excel is possible providing comprehensive documentation meeting regulatory standards.

A Data Mining option allows for automated integration of externally collected data and non-process information such as cell line or strain, medium or feed composition.

The professional database with access control and automated back-up guarantees integrated support of a number of control units, including third party equipment. OPC connectivity guarantees integration of all process data into supervisory process control systems and allows for integration of autosamplers’ and analyzers’ data into the DASGIP control system.less


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