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With more than 30 years of experience in the development of high quality CCTV/IP solutions, Dallmeier is a leading provider of network-based video surveillance. The company offers complete systems and high quality components, including cameras, recording servers, video analysis and multifocal sensor technology Panomera. All can be easily integrated with third party systems due to open interfaces (such as Onvif).

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Panomera Multifocal Technology

Panomera is Dallmeier's innovative and novel camera technology. Whereas with HD and megapixel cameras, which work on a single lens, the multifocal sensor technology works with several lenses of different focal lengths. This intelligent design means a large area can be surveyed from one single location, yet still provides clear images for both close up and distant points.

As such, Panomera is a clear choice for the security of airports, offering many advantages from the multifocal technology.

The system can provide a complete overview of all airport or airfield activity, including the documentation of take-offs and landings. In terms of health and safety around terminals and airfields, Panomera can provide visual continuity for live and retrospective analysis to pinpoint any incidents or breaches of safety.

Another key feature is its use for detecting foreign objects and debris on the runway, as well as identifying problems with birds and directing the right people to the right place to control the issues.

Video Security Systems for Airports

  • Control of the queue of aircrafts at the runway
  • Documentation of the aircraft from landing to the park position
  • Documentation of accidents while the aircraft is stationary
  • Control of cargo and goods during the loading process
  • Recognition of debris or parts on the runway or the aircraft roadways
  • Documentation of refueling operations
  • Detection of fatigue cracks on the airfield
  • Control of abnormal loads on the entire airport site
  • Control of repairs on the runway or the airport
  • Control of service performance and accurate overview of the personnel or service vehicles approaching the aircraft
  • Documentation of accidents on the airfield

Multifocal Sensor Systems

The Panomera multifocal sensor system offers a wide range of innovative and cutting edge features that provide options that simply are not possible with prior technology. These include the highest detail resolution even at long distances, as well as auto tracking even at such distances, along with permanent recording of the entire scene for complete surveillance of areas. Real time capabilities up to 30fps and scalable resolution mean that Panomera will provide the clearest images possible for detail and clarity. With no moving mechanical parts to the product, it makes for easy installation and can be accessed by multiple users around the operations site.less


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  • Christoph Kreis

    Sales Manager Airports Contact Expert

    Christoph develops video surveillance solutions for airports worldwide. This includes the surveillance of extensive areas for Ground Control / ATC / ANSP / Remote Towers and for Security. Christoph has over 20 years of experience in international sales.

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