JET A1 Fuel and Avgas 100LL Supplier

CYMA Petroleum

CYMA Petroleum import and export specialist aviation fuels throughout the world, in ISO tanks, box containers and drums. The company's product range includes JET A1 and AVGAS 100LL, sourced from internationally approved suppliers and refineries.

CYMA has been trading for almost three decades, in which they have supplied major civil airlines, as well as the MOD and NATO air bases.

The company were integral to the development of the light aviation fuel distribution network, being the first to offer regular supplies of aviation fuels and fuelling equipment throughout the UK. Since 1985, CYMA has helped at least 50% more airfields get access to dependable and affordable fuel supplies.more

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AVGAS 100LL Supplier

This low lead variety of AVGAS is designed to power piston-engine aircraft. CYMA Petroleum is a reputable AVGAS 100LL supplier, supporting a fuel distribution network for international clients in the civil and military aviation sectors. Solutions for fuel distribution and transport are flexible - AVGAS being supplied in drums, box and tank Containers of varying sizes, depending on the client's specifications:

  • Box Containers 20" holding 80 Drums
  • Box Containers 40" holding 160 Drums

CYMA's AVGAS is sourced for certified sources and meets international standards. The company pride themselves on being one of the most versatile aviation fuel suppliers, capable of serving major airports or small airfields in remote regions. Fuel can be administered to planes through hydrant systems or more conventional means, such as drums or browsers.

JET A1 Fuel

Designed to power aircraft with gas-turbine engines, CYMA's JET A1 Fuel is the choice for civil operators globally. The fuel has a higher freezing point than standard Jet A varieties, so is suitable for operators in the world's colder regions.

CYMA Petroleum's unique distribution network benefits from a fleet of the very latest fuel delivery vehicles, each having its own highly qualified ADR driver. The company is positioned within easy reach of road, sea and air transportation links, so fuel can get to its destination quickly and efficiently. In addition, this enables the company to restock supplies faster than its competitors, ensuring that customers' fuel supplies maintain regularity.Truck offloading racks are fitted with advanced additive injection equipment, enabling the introduction of lubricity solutions and icing inhibiters as required. Jet fuel quality is monitored at CYMA's on-site laboratory, meeting DERD2485 standards for AVGAS and DERD2494 for JETA1.less


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CYMA Petroleum
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United Kingdom

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