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After several years of representation in the UK through agents, Cyklop International took the decision in 1995 to enter the UK market place directly, as they do in over 50 countries covering all continents of the world, via its business unit in St Neots Cambridgeshire. Cyklop UK's own unrivalled expertise and commitment offers our customer base national support in combination with global resources from one of the worlds largest names in strapping and associated equipment.more

Cyklop International, established since 1912, offers universal system solutions for key load securement techniques such as strapping, stretch wrapping and taping and is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of load securement systems on the world market today. The Headquarters of Cyklop International is located in Cologne, Germany.

This is also the home of the Logistics Centre and production site for design, engineering and PET strap production. Other production sites are operated by Cyklop Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Brazil, complemented by a Global sales and service support network.

With an extensive range of strapping and pallet wrapping equipment suited for the high speed application of PP and PET strapping or stretch film via our turntable, rotary arm or orbital pallet wrapping equipment, Cyklop is at home in every industrial sector.

  • Semi/Fully/automatic strapping machines
  • Semi/Fully automatic wrapping machines
  • Industrial strapping/banding machines
  • Hybrid strapping machines
  • Bundling machines
  • Tape machines

Its customer base represents every imaginable transportation and shipping requirement from Steel and Metal products, Lumber, Construction, Food stuffs, Logistics, Corrugated, Glass products, Graphics, Pharmaceuticals and even Flower processing.

Every industry has its own individual and exacting needs serviced and supported by Cyklop's ability to provide everything from a single source. Cyklop International employs over 1100 personnel world-wide.

'One Cyklop, One World'.

Industrial Strapping/Banding Machines

Strapping machines are used for the accurate and high speed strapping of a variety of Boxed, Palletised or Void products with PET, Polypropylene and Steel strapping or banding materials.

The application and nature of the product itself will naturally select the choice of machine when considering the physical size,weight and throughput of products to be strapped.

Automatic Pallet Strapping MachineAutomatic Pallet Strapping Machines XFThe Cyklop XZE Pallet Strapping Machine

Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

Your application may not be suited to the standard selection of equipment offered by some suppliers but this is never a problem for a total solution provider.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machines with pack press and conveying systems:

Cyklop Netherlands is our centre of excellence for small machine systems, providing our customers with bespoke strapping systems for various industries and applications.

Automatic Pallet Strapping Machines XP/XF

For the application of Vertical and Horizontal strapping to palletised and non palletised products. Vertical machines are available with single or multiple reciprocating lances or swords which feed the strap through the pallet voids to secure products to the pallet bases.

Cyklop's modular construction allows the strapping head to be placed at the optimal position on the package face, be it from the side or top of the product.

The Cyklop XZE Pallet Strapping Machine

Semi-Automatic Wrapping Machines

A vertical strapping machine with multiple lance units to penetrate the voids and close the strap circle for the high speed strapping process required to secure the product to the pallet. The feed any height vertical strap track system allows the press platen to move freely, automatically adjusting the machine aperture to accommodate variable pack dimensions. The machine is fully automated and may be manufactured to suit the customers exacting needs and requirements, such as freely adjustable pallet compression, turntable or turn cross for cross strapping, under pallet strapping, integral pallet centraliser and product edge dressing and label application.

Twin-heads are used to apply two vertical straps simultaneously to increase production capacity. Strapping heads are freely adjustable to suit polyester and polypropylene strapping materials of variable dimensions, according to specification.

Cyklop GmbH Strapping machinery may be supplied fitted with our High tension strapping heads when used in the brick or lumber industry. The CFHQ16/19 with Hydraulic affect tensioning will apply the strap tensions up to 5500 N required for use with high tensile polyester strapping materials.

Machines are manufactured for static placement to span existing conveyors or on a rail system for multiple sequential strapping with freely adjustable strapping programs available by the HMI. The CFH9/16 series strapping head is ideally used for less arduous duties, and suited for the application of polypropylene or polyester strapping materials, according to specification.

Industrial Wrapping Machines

Semi Automatic Wrapping Machines

GL 200, 205 and 215 Range of semi Automatic pallet wrapping equipment is available with Core brake, Mechanical and Electronic pre stretch systems, identified as Eco, Eco-stretch and Eco-stretch plus. A machine to suit pre stretch between 60 - 300% depending on product and Film specification. The machines have a turntable speed of 12 rpm and various programs to control the speed of the film carriage and quantity of top and bottom wraps to suit the product and in keeping with total load stability and film cost savings. This range is extended to include the GL400 and GL1400 Rotory arm machines.

GL1000 Fully Automatic Wrapping MachineGL2000 Fully Automatic Wrapping MachineHybrid Strapping Wrapping Machine

Fully Automatic Wrapping Machines

Whether it is Turntable, Rotary Arm or our Orbital Ring wrapper, Cyklop Tekniks GL Range of Fully Automatic pallet wrapping equipment is easily integrated into end of line packaging and materials handling lines. Automatic equipment may be supplied with either Eco- stretch or our patented Eco-stretch plus systems for the high speed application of stretch film to many products. These machines are fully adjustable via the ProFace HMI and complimented with additional options such as integrated top sheet application and load stabilisers.

Hybrid Strapping Wrapping Machines

The Cyklop Twinpack is our Hybrid machine and combines standard strapping and wrapping equipment from the range to provide yet another packaging solution. The machine may be loaded by Forklift or manual/powered pallet truck via its access ramp when the operator may select any configuration of 2 and 4 way strapping with any wrapping program, at the touch of a button. The strapping machine may be used with Polypropylene or Polyester strap and the wrapper is fitted with Eco-stretch plus for up to 300% pre stretch, depending on film specification.less


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