Environmental Airport Runway Surface Cleaning

Cyclone Technology

Cyclone Surface Cleaning Inc. provide Airport runway surface cleaning solutions using water blasting systems. The US based company developed the technology used with the cleaning system in 1994 and can boast how its environmentally friendly.

The technology does not make use of chemicals or damage runways, instead uses heated water applied at pressure. The system recycles the water used, passing through the filtration system waste is removed and clean water is proved for reuse.more

Environmental Surface Cleaning Systems

Cyclone Surface Cleaning Inc. provide different Environmental Surface Cleaning Systems for airport runway cleaning and removal of: Rubber, Grease, Oil and other contaminants.

Runway Rubber Removal: UHP4006

The UHP4006 is a operator driven runway rubber removal system. The UHP4006 also removes airport runway pavement markings and paint lines. As with all Cyclone Surface cleaning products the cyclone technology means that the water is recycled a

nd reused as part of the separation of waste from cleaning water. Only 1,200 gallons of water is required and there is no need for an external vacuum.

High Pressure Surface Cleaning: HP8520

The HP8520 high pressure surface cleaning system has a dual cleaning head giving improved runway cleaning perfect to remove grease, oil, and other contaminants from airport gate and ramp areas.

The system is also highly manoeuvrability as it has 4-wheel steering and the operator has clear unobstructed view when operating the system.

Airport Runway Cleaning: LP4500

The LP4500 offers a low-pressure airport runway cleaning solution for runways and other areas such as helicopter pads and ship decks and is ideal for spill recovery.

The systems low pressure cleaning has a low noise output perfect for use in public areas, and has a 40” wide cleaning head giving you clean and dry runway shortly after its use whilst recycling water.less


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