Centre for Sustainability Management

CSEM-BMP Centre for Sustainability Management

CSEM-BMP offers up to date information for executives in sustainability and environmental management, and for those responsible for corporate governance and social culpability.The company deliver rigourous tuition and administration / leadership advice allowing you to progress simply and easily.  Additionally, CSEM-BMP assist you and your company in fulfilling your development requirements

Management Education Programmemore

We offer a consolidated schedule of 4-day lectures and conferences to develop environmentally targeted leadership and organisation.Our management education programme focusses on assisting you in meeting your major corporate objectives, such as European guidelines on carbon management, and Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances (REACH).We are pleased to accept management and strategy investigation assignments, especially those involving active co-operation with the clients.  Our roughly 100 affiliates and subscribers, as business sustainability innovators and consultants, are inspired by inventive and original consultancies.  For more information on our existing projects, please visit our website and read about our Sustainability Advisory Service.Advantages of Management Tuition and Instruction with CSEM-BMP

  1. Real-world understanding of the industry: 35 years in  business administration and guidance, working with seventeen thousand executives from successful governments and organisations throughout the EU.
  2. Prestige: Innovation at the forefront of the most prominent fields of sustainability management tuition in high-level company administration.
  3. Good company: We have instructed and tutored some fifteen thousand environmental and sustainability managers.
  4. Focussed and Formal: Our administrative procedures and structured knowledge gathering methodologies are focussed on building on the major body of experience: theoretical and practical - and extending it further.
  5. Pioneering: our courses and partners are respected as world leaders in their fields
  6. Networking: professional meetings and assemblies allow sharing and development of understanding for the advancement of our patrons.
  7. Ambitious: CSEM centres on the task of helping you realise your ambitions and helping you compete both as a company and an indivdual

Interviews, teaching and training are conducted at the Grim's Dyke address shown on the map to the right.less


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  • Michael has expertise in specific clean technologies, coupled to a broader expertise in managing systems, energy and programmes that may be critical for business and government to meet the sustainability challenges of the 21st Century.

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CSEM-BMP Centre for Sustainability Management
30 Cedar Road
WD19 4QW, Oxhey
United Kingdom

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