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CryoService supply cryogenic gases, cylinders and freezers suitable for healthcare applications.

CryoService, established in 1970 and based in the UK, have become a leading supplier in the hospital sector, offering a wide selection of crogenic freezers, gas supplies, and cryosurgery equipment for applications such as stem cell storage, cancer research, blood storage, wart removal, chiropody and cryosurgery.more

We have extensive expertise in all cryogenic applications and will be delighted to advise and support you in your requirements.

Liquid Nitrogen Delivery Service

CryoService provide liquid nitrogen in a wide range of delivery options, from small research and cryosurgery dewars to full bulk supply. Our nationwide fleet includes our new Super Orca high capacity tankers and our van-based service for city centre or doctors surgery use.

CryoService offer a full liquid nitrogen delivery service. As well as liquid nitrogen, CryoService supply liquid nitrogen storage vessels ranging from desk flasks and dewars to bulk tank installations.

Cryogenic Chillers and Freezers

CryoService are proud to be the preferred UK distributor for the Chart MVE range of liquid nitrogen cryogenic chillers and freezers for cryopreservation use.

The Chart MVE range extends from simple stand-alone aluminium liquid phase freezers to the HE series of high efficiency vapour phase vessels that can achieve temperatures as low as -190C below the access lid.

A freezer is nothing without inventory and control systems, and CryoService can design and commission inventory systems in aluminium or stainless steel to suit your preferred storage arrangements with control systems that can interface with your Business Management System for around the clock security.

Cryosurgery Equipment

Cryosurgery is widely used as a highly effective technique to remove unwanted tissue such as warts, skin tags, seborrhoeic keratoses, verrucas, and spider naevi.

CryoService supply the full range of products and services required to undertake cryosurgery, including liquid nitrogen dewars, liquid nitrogen supply service (with a simple pre-pay contract option), applicator guns and accessories, PPE and training packages.

As the UK’s market leader in cryogenic equipment supply for healthcare, we can provide you with the right equipment and support for your cryosurgery requirements.

Liquid Nitrogen Safety Training

Liquid nitrogen is an extremely safe cryogen medium when used correctly. However, it should be part of your duty of care to your staff to ensure that they have received training on the properties and safe use of liquid nitrogen.

CryoService provide traditional instructor-led courses covering liquid nitrogen safety training and safe decanting practices, but now also offer an innovative on-line safety training package that can be completed in your own time at your own pace. Please visit the website for more information and a free demonstration of our on-line safety training packages.

Liquid Nitrogen Cryopreservation

Liquid nitrogen cryopreservation is becoming an increasingly common storage option in the UK for biomedical applications such as stem cell storage, cancer research and IVF due to the reliability of liquid nitrogen as a cryogen compared to ULT electrical freezers.

CryoService provide a total solution to the cryopreservation sector, including the supply of liquid nitrogen, cryogenic storage tanks, SIVL transfer pipework, Chart MVE cryogenic freezers, sample inventory systems, oxygen depletion monitoring and management software. In addition, CryoService will assist with design consultancy and turnkey installation for refurbishments or new cryoroom builds to help you get the best from your facility.

Hydrogen Carrier Gas

Traditional compressed gas cylinders are often not the safest or most economical solution for users of GC or LCMS instrumentation. CryoService offer a comprehensive suite of hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air gas generators for laboratory use, with outright sales or rental options and installation, maintenance and support services.

Although hydrogen has typically been used as a fuel gas in GC applications, the safety systems built into our range of hydrogen generators now allows the safe and effective use of hydrogen carrier gas, not only reducing your costs compared to increasingly expensive helium supply, but providing improvements in elution times, peak resolution and Van Deemter characteristics.

Liquid CO2 Supply

CO2 is widely used in incubators in the research sector for cell culture. Traditionally, CO2 has been supplied in large steel cylinders; a heavy, cumbersome and uneconomic method for most incubator users.

CryoService supply CO2 in mini-bulk form, with Liquid CO2 stored in a fixed or mobile vessel that can be located outside your laboratory with supply safely piped to your incubators. With vessels ranging in size from 180 kg (equivalent to 5 large cylinders) to 6000 kgs, CryoService Liquid CO2 supply is scalable to suit your requirements and provides a hassle-free and safer alternative to cylinder supply.

Liquid Argon Gas

Liquid argon gas is widely used for ICP-OE and ICP-MS spectroscopy as well as other analytical applications such as mercury analysis.

CryoService are a dominant force is liquid argon supply in the UK, with a nationwide delivery network and a wide range of vessel options to suit your consumption. In addition, CryoService have strong relationships with the leading ICP manufacturers to ensure that your gas system successfully links to your ICP system for a seamless solution.less


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