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Cross Deck offers a complete solution for life after service. Specifically designed for ex-Forces personnel, Cross Deck offers a comprehensive series of options for recruitment and development. For individuals at all levels in their experience, Cross Deck offers training solutions for those looking to specialise in new skills, or develop existing talents. They are capable of providing quality recruitment and training solutions to all ex-Forces personnel and because signing up is free, seeking new roles has never been so easy.more

Cross Deck have extensive experience in recruitment solutions for ex-Military individuals, but also offer their complete service to civilians alike. Members can browse through over 10,000 live jobs and an extensive range of professional development opportunities from over 100 employment and training sectors. While supporting a wide range of sectors exploited by ex-Forces personnel, such as security, Cross Deck provide training and recruitment in a variety of fields, from construction, to management and beyond.

Worldwide Security Opportunities

Alongside a wealth of opportunities across the United Kingdom lies a range of current opportunities globally. Furthermore, by ensuring simplicity and ease of use throughout their website, users of the Cross Deck platform can easily transfer new and existing skills onto their profile, ensuring their profile is fully up-to-date with forces experience, training and new developments, allowing increased visibility for potential future employers.

In creating your profile with Cross Deck, you create a central hub where you publish your qualification, skills and experiences, while uploading your CV. Your profile page gives you an opportunity to publish your skills to employers, looking specifically for people like you. From this page, you are also able to manage your applications, training or re-settlement courses you may be interested in.

Cross Deck ex-Military Training Courses

Cross Deck are connected with over 30 security specific training companies in the UK alone, allowing them to offer an extremely competitive range of fully licensed training courses to ex-Military personnel. As security sector specialists, Cross Deck can help to get applicants well qualified for specific roles using fully certified providers. Furthermore, the job search functionality, applicants can find work in their desired sector easily and quickly.

The training search facility gives the user access to courses in over 50 sectors of security, covering dog handling, close protection, and a full range of situational security training, helping applicants to develop specialist skills.

By ensuring that their course providers offer excellent services to applicants Cross Deck only work with training schools who offer a consistent pass rate giving applicants the best opportunity to succeed in any courses they wish to partake in. The courses offered by Cross Deck, at up to 3 weeks long, help applicants complete their courses with an in-depth knowledge of your specific sector, ensuring one has the best opportunity to excel in their selected field.

Courses available through Cross Deck are expansive. Applicants can chose from over 150 SIA training courses ranging from door supervisors to health and safety courses.If you can't find a course that you are looking for on the Cross Deck website then please contact them and they will do their best to find a suitable course for you.

Cross Deck Position Search for Security Roles

Using the Cross Deck job search, applicants can search through thousands of positions across over 50 specific areas of security including Close Protection, Maritime Security, VIP Protection and a full range of other positions. All jobs listed by Cross Deck are meticulously sourced from UK employers, to ensure a range of jobs for all circumstances. For individuals building off Forces experiences or Military careers, Cross Deck have a comprehensive selection of employers seeking these specific skills. For roles within hostile environments, certain training courses would need to have been completed by the applicant, including certified Level 3 Close Protection with an SIA license. This can be achieved through courses on Cross Deck.To take advantage of Cross Deck's comprehensive job listings and course search functionality, specifically for ex-Forces personnel, be sure to log on to Cross Deck and make your profile. You never know where you'll end up!

Cross Deck is a UK based company who specialise in the recruitment and training sectors, specifically for ex-Forces personnel, certified officers and civilians. Cross Deck offer access to quality recruitment opportunities and training places, for those looking to further their skills. The Cross Deck platform allows access to vacancies worldwide and training opportunities through their free profile on the website.Cross Deck offer access to a wide range of accredited training courses supplied by renowned providers. The Cross Deck platform allows applicants to apply and undertake specific training courses, allowing you to reach towards a certain goal or position. The easily updated profile also allows potential employers to track your developing skills, whilst allowing you to apply for positions and courses that matter to you.When signing up to the Cross Deck platform, a few simple steps will set you up with a profile page populated with your experience, qualifications, interests, achievements, and your CV. This central area allows you to browse courses and roles which may suit your current skills, or aid you to get new skills to reach for that dream role.

SIA Security Training

Cross Deck have connected with over 30 different security training companies in the UK to offer one of the widest ranges of licensed training courses available. Being specialists in the security sector, Cross Deck help applicants get trained by certified training providers, offering courses from over 50 sectors, ranging from close protection training through to medical training. Furthermore, if individuals wish to study in a course that is not listed by Cross-Deck, by contacting them, action can be taken to attempt to get you on that ideal course.

Security Training Providers

Cross Deck only work with course providers who have a history of providing quality training with a high pass rate, giving you the best chance of succeeding in any training courses you participate in. Their courses are aimed at professionals who wish to excel in their career and firmly establish themselves as a leader in their sector. With courses up to 3 weeks in length you will emerge with an in-depth knowledge of your sector, crucial in reaching for the ideal role.Many of the jobs featured on Cross Deck are sourced from UK employers, ensuring the majority of jobs are located in the UK. However, included in our database is also a selection of jobs available worldwide. If you are looking for a job in which you can utilise a past military or forces experience then we have a range of jobs ideally suited and available for immediate application.

Supporting Forces Leavers

For further information on the selection of courses and roles available through Cross Deck, please contact them using the contact form below.less


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