Military Sword Refurbishment by Crisp & Sons

Crisp & Sons

They frequently receive swords that are over 100 years old, with many military swords having been passed down through the generations which are still being used in ceremonies and parades today.

Common types of sword repairs and sword refurbishment work:

  • Re-polish and re-etch blades.
  • Re-polish and re-plate hilts.
  • Repair fish skin and leather grips.
  • Repair fish skin and leather grips.
  • Replace broken components and blades.
  • Repair scabbards.
  • Polish out rust marks.

Ceremonial Sword

Approximate cost

Military Ceremonial SwordCharges are dependent on the condition and type of sword repairs and sword refurbishment needed, however for convenience we have estimated prices for some common sword repairs and sword refurbishment services:

  • Replacing inscriptions: From £125 + shipment.
  • The sword blade is re-polished, the new inscription is added and the blade re-etched.
  • Polishing out rust marks: From £40.00 + shipment.
  • Full sword refurbishment: From £280 + shipment.
  • This is based on an Infantry Sword (British pattern) undergoing full refurbishment.

How to refurbish your sword

Military Sword and ScabbardWe need to examine all swords prior to providing a quotation for refurbishment work.

Step 1

Please call 0870 609 1434 or email

Or send your sword along with your full contact details to:Crisp & Sons, Unit 14 - 18, Oaks Farm, Blackboys Road, Framfield, East Sussex, TN22 5PN

Recommendations when sending your sword:

Insure or register the parcel as Sussexswords and Crisp & Sons cannot take responsibility for the sword's non-arrival. We recommend you send the sword by using a recorded delivery service.

Protect the tip of the blade if the sword is not in a scabbard.

Ensure that the parcel is packaged carefully to reduce the risk of damage, when in transit.

Military Sword and ScabbardIf sending your sword from outside the UK, mark the sword clearly as being "returned for repair", which will assist in avoiding delays and costs associated with Customs & Excise.

Step 2

Once Crisp & Sons has received the sword a full quotation will be sent to you. A quotation can take up to six weeks to prepare.

Note: Our quotations are accurate at the time of viewing but some damage may come to light when the sword is being disassembled, which was not evident before. Where additional work is required, you will be contacted for approval before proceeding.

Step 3

Once the quotation is approved we will require written confirmation of the quote to confirm the order and complete the refurbishment. Payment will be requested at the time of dispatch.

Refurbishments take between 8 and 12 weeks from the time of placing the order, however, you will be advised of the lead time on your Sales Acknowledgement.

Please note: In the event you do not wish to proceed with the refurbishment and the quotation is not accepted, there will be a fee for the returning of your sword via a registered courier company.

Insured Express Shipments are charged at:
£ 24.00(UK)
£ 45.00 (EU)
£ 100.00 (WORLDWIDE)
* Standard Insurance covers up to a maximum of £600.00 per consignment, additional insurance available upon request.

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