Infantry Officers Sword

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Individually made and crafted to order. The 1897 pattern was the final revision of a sword described as "the best fighting sword ever prescribed for the Infantry officer". The sword features a 32.5" long, straight, spear pointed carbon steel blade. The hilt is nickel plated steel, pieced and stamped with a a scroll pattern that incorporates the Royal cypher . The wooden core grip is black dyed fish skin covered with silver plated copper wire.

The Infantry Officers Sword can be carried with either a Nickel dress scabbard or a leather 'Sam Browne' scabbard first introduced for universal use in 1899 on the eve of the South African War.

Infantry Sword

"His Majesty having been pleased to order that the Battalion Officers are for the future to make use of swords, its His Majesty's pleasure that the Officers of the Infantry Corp shall be provided with a strong, substantial, uniform sword, the blade is to be straight and made to cut and thrust."

The 1897 pattern was the final revision of the Infantry Officers sword, the final modification was the inner edge of the guard turned down to prevent it fraying the clothing. Its predecessor the 1895 sword was merited with its excellent guard and, wicked, thrusting blade, it was unquestionably the best fighting sword ever prescribed for the Infantry officers of the Army, and its theoretical excellence was confirmed in practice.

Blade 32 1/2 Inches Long, 1 inch width at hilt. High grade. Tempered Carbon Steel, Mirror Polished.
Etching Traditional acid etching by hand.
Badges Regimental badges available.
Inscriptions Traditionally acid etched by hand.
Hilt Stamped in Mild Steel. Nickel plated.
Grip Traditional Wooden Core, Fish Skin, Silver Plated Wire, Covered and bound by hand
Scabbards Available separately
Leather Crafted wooden core body covered in hand stitched leather
Nickel Scabbard Nickel Plated Steel

Individually made and crafted to order. Manufactured to MoD Specifications. Made in England.

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