Ceremonial Military Pattern Swords and Accoutrements

Crisp & Sons

Ceremonial Military Swords, Accoutrements and Sword Refurbishment

Crisp and Sons are British Sword Manufacturers and Sword refurbishment providers of ceremonial, military, bespoke and presentation swords.

All Crisp & Sons Swords are hand made in East Sussex, England and are forged from the highest quality carbon steel and tested to the highest standards in the traditional way as laid down by Henry Wilkinson.more

Our sword patterns are supplied throughout the world including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and throughout the Commonwealth.

The company which is based in Framfield, East Sussex, manufactures very high quality, new Ceremonial Military Swords and Accoutrements to suit any design requirements. Its swords are produced in strict accordance with United Kingdom Ministry of Defence specifications.

They have carbon steel blades, Rayskin covered grips and are traditionally acid etched, hardened and tempered high carbon steel blades and are all hand made in the company's factory in East Sussex. The blade of every sword supplied by Crisp & Sons bears a unique serial number, a feature that no other company in the world offers.

Military Pattern Swords

Between them, Crisp & Son's small but highly skilled workforce have over 100 years experience in the specification, manufacture and marketing of Military Pattern Swords and Accoutrements, its key manufacturing team having previously worked for Wilkinson Sword, the UK's finest swordmaker until it closed down in September 2005.

As well as supplying every military sword pattern currently carried by officers in the British Armed Forces, Crisp & Sons will supply swords to any specification required, at very competitive prices, to any country worldwide.

Sword Refurbishment

Crisp and Sons having acted as Wilkinson Swords contractor for over two decades providing both sword refurbishment services and producing many master patterns for the tooling used by Wilkinson Sword.

Crisp and Sons are unique in offering a complete, in house sword refurbishment process utilising traditional techniques and methods dating back nearly 200 years, our highly skilled staff are specifically trained in the art of sword refurbishment.

Crisp & Sons have a proud tradition of "Quality First and Foremost" and are firmly committed to preserving British craft and manufacturing.less


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Crisp & Sons
Unit 18, Oaks Farm, Blackboys Road
TN22 5PN, Framfield
United Kingdom

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