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Dummy cameras are an highly effective way to deter intruders at a fraction of the price of normal surveillance systems.

A dummy camera however, should be chosen with care, as some of them are easily recognizable as fakes. This is why many of the dummy cameras offered by Crime Prevention Products use real camera housings.

The use of dummy cameras could save you hundreds or thousands of pounds per year. Real security camera systems will deter intruders but can be quite expensive. Purchasing inappropriate security equipment will waste your time and money so it's critical that you develop a plan to deter intruders. Dummy cameras should be part of this plan.

Choosing your Dummy CCTV Camera Use these tips to aid you in choosing the right dummy cctv camera.

Maximize your dummy camera's deterrent - Use the right camera for the right situation.
Learn when spending a little more now will save you alot later. Overwhelm a shoplifter with the impression of being watched. The placement and type of dummy cctv camera should be considered carefully, due to the range of different types available for indoor and outdoor use. for example, If you have high ceilings in your home or office or want to install a camera outside you should consider a "bank" style camera or an outdoor style dummy cctv camera.

While being an effective deterrant, the main reason to purchase dummy cctv cameras is to save money but sometimes it makes sense to purchase a real camera or at least a real camera housing. If you ever plan on using real security cameras then you should buy them upfront. You now have the option of expanding your system once you can afford it.

Although a dummy cctv camera is a low cost alternative to a real camera, you should also consider using dummy camera equipment in conjunction with other security measures. If you have a business, plug the real camera into a TV and position the TV near the front of the premises. This will increase the effect of being watched and improve the effectiveness of your security system.

Whether for the home or office, with care and forethought you can implement a dummy cctv camera system that will squeeze every penny out of your security budget.

Why choose a Dummy Security Camera?
Dummy security cameras look very real, there is no need to store video recordings, installation is relatively easy and the equipment is very low maintenance.

Common sense dictates that, it is better to have a dummy security camera installed than no security precaution at all. An intruder may think twice before entering or stealing merchandise from a premises which apears to have surveillance equipment installed.

Professional External Dummy CCTV CameraWe have a wide variety of dummy security cameras to choose from. The example below is just one from a range of cameras we supply.

Professional External Dummy CCTV Camera - Price: £63.79 (ex. VAT)

This Dummy Camera’s high-tech design replicates a fully functioning camera. It contains many of the key elements we recommend for a realistic dummy security camera.

It has an adjustable mounting bracket and a reasonably authentic video cable. A robust aluminium housing offers a long lifespan in outdoor conditions. This makes it ideal for car parks and industrial premises.

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