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“Copenhagen Optimization has a profound understanding of airport planning and operation” – Robert Deillon, CEO Geneva Airport.

Before Kasper Hounsgaard and Anders Dohn became the founding partners of Copenhagen Optimization, or CopOpt as we like to call ourselves, they both worked at Copenhagen Airport (CPH). While they both started as Analyst at CPH, within their respective areas, they quickly moved up the ranks. During the same year, they were both promoted, and Kasper was made the Head of Operational and Business Analysis, and Anders (who was formerly a part of Kasper’s team) was made the Head of Security Resource Management.

Kasper’s daily work consisted of producing passenger forecasts and capacity demand analysis’, assisting with forming the operational strategies and managing seven employees. Anders was managing 11 employees with the responsibility of day-to-day planning and rostering for nearly 1000 security staff.

Due to the strong performance and excellent results that Kasper and his team were producing at CPH, other airports such as, Dubai International Airport (DXB), New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and even Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL), which is a close rival to CPH, would hire them as consultants to assist with capacity analysis and optimization projects.

Airport professional consultants

With Kasper having received such a strong validation of his work, from not just CPH, but also from other airports, and Anders also excelling in his role, they quickly realized that if they joined forces, they could build their own consulting business. And that’s when Copenhagen Optimization came to life. Short after, Tor Fog Justesen, who at the time worked at CPH as an Operations Analyst, joined his former colleagues and was made our Director of Products. CopOpt was truly, and still is, a gathering of airport professionals, trying to make life easier for other airport professionals, through a data-driven and fact-based approach. 

We have since grown to 20 employees check out the entire CopOpt team), including 5 consultants, who are being led by Hjalte Grandt Christoffersen, Director of Consultancy. The consultancy team is ready to help with optimizing even the most complicated airport operations setup, as recently seen with London Heathrow Airport (LHR), or to conduct studies and form strategies for airports, amongst a range of other customized services.  

Here are a few examples of the consulting projects that CopOpt has carried out over the years.  

Example case: Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) - see documents 

CopOpt was hired to conduct a study of how to optimize the operation of the check-in and baggage outbound facilities in Terminal 3. In addition to this project, CopOpt also developed a baggage strategy for the airport.

Another study, this time of deicing PAD capacity was also conducted, which focus was to assess the current demand and future capacity needs for the largest deicing facility in the world, allowing up to 12 aircraft to simultaneously be deiced.

At the end of the first study, Darin Juby, Associate Director Aviation Business Research and Projects, stated that CopOpt had “successfully identified key initiatives that provided valuable capacity using real-world experience”. Following the deicing project, he added: “Kasper and his team once again provided a comprehensive analysis of our processes and facilities…(the) results were clearly outlined and easily understood by all levels of our organization and key customers.”

Case: Genève Airport (GVA)

GVA brought in Copenhagen Optimization to carry out a study of how to optimize the staff planning for the security checkpoint operation.  Some of the results included that of identifying the gaps in the existing staff plans, along with proposing a series of optimization initiatives. Check out the GVA case here for more insights.

Upon completion of the project, the CEO of Genève Airport, Robert Deillon, said:

“CopOpt has a profound understanding of airport planning and operation. The innovative methods applied, allow us to plan our Security operations more effectively while offering a stable high performance and low waiting time to our passengers at an unchanged cost.”

Airport professional consultants and a SaaS company

We are airport professionals, and we deliver solutions to other airport professionals. We strive to bring forth the latest and most innovative methods we can, to bring value to our customers. That is why we have also developed our own Software-as-a-Service product which is a cloud-based platform called Better Airport®. Our consultants and clients are now able to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence, more specifically Machine Learning, to find the most cost-effective way to optimize your airport, using existing data and avoiding the hassle of setting up complex systems.

To check out more cases and results of CopOpt’s work, please see our cases to get a better insight into how we might be able to help your airport optimize its operations, cut costs and improve the passenger experience.



Sarah relocated to Denmark in 2006 joining Copenhagen Airports A/S. Having held a variety of roles including Route Development, Airport Operation Management, and Director Real Estate Sarah has extensive Aviation experience and has since 2015 combined her skill set working in the IT and Transportation sectors. Sarah joined Copenhagen Optimization in 2017.

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