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Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd

Conversion And Resource Evaluation Ltd. was founded in 1996, specialising in biomass services, thermochemical biomass and waste conversion. Our main office is in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Our services are offered world-wide, with work carried out in Australia, New Zealand, Namibia, India, USA and within the European Union.  We have provided services to small engineering companies; national and international government agencies, International water and gas utilities, metallurgical industry, coal and biomass carbonisation industry and consultancy companies.C.A.R.E. Ltd. is one of the few companies with extensive practical experience in research, design and development of pyrolysis and gasification technologies to commercial products.more

Converting Biomass and/or Waste to Energy

C.A.R.E Ltd offers a range of technology and support regarding converting biomass to energy. Some examples of projects that we have been involved with are noted below.

•    Re-design of a small-scale [<100 kWe] downdraft gasifier and gas cleaning system, [achieved <12 ppm "organics" in the raw gas as independently tested]. •    Biomass gasifier operation and re-design, feedstock procurement and testing, gas quality assessment for a 140kWe spark ignition engine. •    Technical assistance on the operation of a downdraft gasifier with a Capstone C-330 micro turbine. Techno-economic assessment of gasifier + micro-turbine systems to 250 kWe [DTI supported contract B/U1/00762]. •    Technical and engineering design of a 300 kWe [gross] downdraft gasifier and gas conditioning system for combined heat and power generation on a farm in North West England.•    Testing of a range of biomass fuels in an 80kWe test gasifier [DTI supported contract B/W3/00806/00/00].•    Market assessment of commercial pyrolysis companies to syngas for power generation.•    Technical advice, arranging financial support and assistance on several gasification projects [500-2000kWe].•    Commissioning and assistance in operation of a 250 kg/h slow pyrolysis plant for char products and power generation in Australia.  •    Chemical engineering and process design assistance for a 4 t/h conventional pyrolysis kiln, tar cracker, scrubber and selection of gas engines.•    Design, construction and operation of a 300 kg/h fluid bed biomass fast pyrolysis plant for power production in the UK.•    Design of gas cleaning unit operations for biomass gasification combined heat and power projects to 9 MWe.•    Design and build of a 50 kg/h slow pyrolysis unit for char production.

Bioenergy Assessment

With an increasing number of companies offering technologies for a wide range of applications, there is a need for the end user to have an independent bioenergy assessment made of a system before they buy the product.  Some examples include:

•    Initial evaluation of gasification technologies for sewage sludge and related wastes for CHP application.•    Evaluation of bio-diesel production technology for power generation from esterified beef tallow. •    World-wide review of commercial large scale biomass and waste gasification and pyrolysis companies.

Thermal Conversion Technology Assessment

We also have extensive knowledge and capabilities in the techno-economic assessment of thermal conversion technologies utilising our own cost models and also on working closely with the industry.•    Bio-energy assessment model [BEAM] - IEA Bio-Energy Systems Activity. •    Techno-economics of production costs of biomass derived fast pyrolysis liquids and subsequent power production using a dual fuel diesel engine [EC contract JOR3-CT97-0197]. •    Techno-economics of production of slow release organic fertilisers from biomass pyrolysis products [EC funded contract FAIR6-CT98-4042]. •    Cost and operational acceptability improvements to gasifier. [DTI supported contract ref. B/U1/00677/00/00].  •    Techno-economics of retrofitting combustion systems with novel gas cleaning technologies [EU funded contract ENK5-CT2001-00523].•    Techno-economics of production of renewable resin from biomass derived pyrolysis liquids [EC funded project QLK5-CT2002-RENURESIN]. •    Cost benefit analysis of the use of encroachment bush in thermal conversion systems in Namibia – evaluation of options for heat, power and products.less


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