Data Renaissance Suite™

Continental DataGraphics (CDG)

To remain competitive in today’s customer-driven marketplace, manufacturers are required to deliver increasingly innovative product support services to help improve customer productivity. The costs of producing equipment support documentation are significant. Although many manufacturers now distribute publications electronically in order to reduce these costs, they still face the additional problems of redundant authoring, change management, configuration control, or the often long production cycles between engineering changes to updated data publication.

How can manufacturers author, update, and distribute technical publications in a cost-effective manner?

CDG’s Data Renaissance Suite™ – Advanced Tools for Technical Data

The Data Renaissance Suite™ (DRS) was originally developed by The Boeing Company as a solution to the technical data management problems often faced by manufacturers and their equipment operators. These advanced commercial software tools are specifically designed to lower the life cycle cost of technical data management and maintenance activities for mission-critical, complex equipment and systems.

The world-class capabilities of Data Renaissance Suite™ have been demonstrated through award-winning deployments of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) for the Apache Longbow and F/A-18 programs. These advanced tools are also currently used by several other complex equipment programs worldwide, and can be applied to either military or commercial equipment data.

Data renaissance suiteCDG is responsible for ongoing development and product support of the Data Renaissance Suite™ toolset, which includes:

  • Quill21™ – Type 2 IETM Authoring System

  • Wiring Illuminator Web™ – Web browser-based Interactive Wiring Data System designed to support wiring troubleshooting with intelligent graphics display capabilities; can be integrated with Quill 21

  • Wiring Illuminator– Stand-alone Type 2 Wiring Presentation System; can be integrated with Quill 21

  • Boeing Data Courier Web™ – Web browser-based Type 2 Presentation System; can be integrated with Quill 21

  • Boeing Data Courier™– Stand-alone Type 2 Presentation System; designed as companion application to Quill21

  • Quill Relational Database (QRDB) – Companion database application for Quill21 and related presentation systems

For more information, download the Data Renaissance Suite™ brochure, or contact CDG.

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