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ContenO produces containerized mini factories with packaging lines for almost any liquid, semi liquid and solids at any location worldwide. Packed in 20ft ISO Containers, the mini factories are self sufficient with an onboard generator and compressor and meet International Food and Beverage standards.

Our customers are logistics of Army and Navy, Peace Keeping Forces, Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid by NGO’s. ContenO specialises in worldwide water supply including military water supply, potable drinking water, liquid packaging systems and water storage products.more

One container type produces PET bottles filled with potable water. Starting from small PET preforms, reducing water storage space and transport cost by factor 20, the preforms are inflated to bottles varying from 0.5 to 5 liter and filled with safe drinking water. ContenO is based in Belgium near Antwerp harbour and Brussels Airport.

Worldwide Bottled Water Deliveries

ContenO is a Belgian based designer and manufacturer of a 20ft container comprising a unique self sufficient factory to provide safe drinking water in PET bottles at any location worldwide. Worldwide water sales are handled from our homebase in Antwerp. Close to Antwerp harbour and 20 minutes drive from Brussels Airport, our worldwide water deliveries take minimum time and maximum flexibility.

From our Belgian home base, genuine spare parts and highly skilled technicians are 24/7 available to deliver assistance worldwide. Generator engine and compressor are from famous worldwide brands guaranteeing full support through their local branches or representatives.

Potable Drinking Water

ContenO supplies potable drinking water. Guided by an automatic conveyor, small PET preforms are inflated by an onboard compressor into 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 3 or 5 liter PET bottles which then enter the water filling machine. RO or Purified water from any source enters the container factory and is treated by UV prior to be injected in the UV treated PET bottles in an UV treated environment.

Next, UV treated caps, handles and labels are sealing and marking the bottles into 100% safe potable drinking water.

Liquid Packaging Systems

Liquid packaging systems enable ContenO to package other liquids like fruit juices, edible oils, soaps etc in PET bottles by the container factory. Drinking water and fruit juices needs UV treatment prior to be injected in PET bottles, while edible oils, soaps etc do not require such pre treatment.

Military Water Supply

The company also specializes in military water supply. The container factory is highly mobile, ready for use in less than one hour and requires one operator only. Following four different UV steps guaranteeing 100% safety, the PET bottles are filled with pre-purified water for military water supply.

Transport of one container small preforms corresponds to the equivalent of twenty trucks of bottled water, thus freeing up truck and ship space for other transport and considerable storage space.

Water Storage Products

Water storage products are also available. Using an onboard compressor, PET preforms are inflated into PET bottles. Following four different UV steps guaranteeing 100% safety, the bottles are filled with pre-purified water, easily to be stored.

Conten0 water storage products include raw water storage tanks, storage tanks for drinking water, tents for cool or heated bottle storage and more.. optional water storage products are available on demand.less


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