Control, manage and boost Non-Aeronautical Revenues

Concessionaire Analyzer +

CA+ is a software tool used by airport commercial teams to better manage their concessions, replacing Excel and manual input of data. It is the leading software product that allows airports to control, manage, analyse and ultimately boost their non-aeronautical revenues.

Commercial Contract Management

CA+ provides a platform for airports to efficiently manage all concession contracts, including those with revenue shares, minimum guarantees, rents and additional charges, all through a central online portal.more

Revenue Calculation and Billing

The Revenue Calculation and Billing function also enables airports to automatically calculate revenues due, and bill these to concessions, optionally integrating with the airport’s ERP system.

Property and Utilities Management

Properties and utilities can also be centrally managed through the CA+ portal, providing facilities for better management of property leases including office space, counter tops, aircraft hangers, stores and more, with billing for water, electricity, communications and other services.

Concessionaire Sales Data Capture

In addition, CA+ provides a platform to allow airports to collect or receive sales data from concessionaires, offering a range of technical options for airports to choose from. These start from data entry via the CA+ portal, either by the commercial team or by the concessionaires themselves, to more fully automated processes collecting transactional level data, allowing concessionaires to continue to use their existing Point-of-Sale solutions should they wish to do so.

Business Intelligence

Sales data then provides for a level of business intelligence never before possible, with CA+’s strong business intelligence and analytics capabilities, enabling airports to better understand sales and revenue patterns in order to boost their performance.

By correlating sales data with passenger and flight information, as well as people counting solutions, airports are able to visualise their commercial performance through dashboards and reports based on their chosen KPIs.

On the fly, airports can analyse sales and revenues per passenger by flight, destination, terminal, product category, shop category and much more

For the first time ever, airports around the world can implement a product that will allow them to measure their non-aeronautical performance, with real-time capabilities, in order to understand trends, influence tactics, and maximise their non-aeronautical potential.

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