Rapid Deploy Aids Police

Concept Smoke Screen Ltd

The unique, patented Rapid Deploy system is now in service with over 14 Police Forces around the UK.

Each of the Forces has taken multiple units to aid in defending immediately "at risk" premises.

The product is based on the immense power of the succesful Rapid HP and boasts the following features:

  • Built in dual tech detection. This method of detection provides the most stable operating platform.
  • Onboard event logging. Up to 1000 events.
  • GSM signalling as either voice or text. Call centre protocols are supported.
  • Impressive 700 m3/minute smoke generation capability.
  • One touch radio arm and disarm function.
  • UPS support.
  • Rugged flight case for transport to and from site.
  • Set up time - minutes.

Rapid Deploy aids Police

Aside from the Police, there are a further 20 units on hire to one customer alone. These "in the field" products are used to defend property as a reactive measure until a permanent installation can be effected. Since despatch of the first unit, only 2 have come back. The others have been on an extended journey around the country from site to site , stopping only to be re-filled.

As a temporary solution, it is proving dificult to find anything more effective.

If you would like to find out more, simply contact us.

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