Staff and On-Site Drug Testing


Concateno are Europe’s leading provider of drug and alcohol testing services, after bringing together the key organisations in the field – Cozart, Medscreen, Trichotech, Altrix and Euromed. Concateno has the resources and capabilities to meet every customer requirement, carrying out over 11 million tests a year and working with 8,000 customers worldwide.

Our clients include governments, employers, health professionals and law enforcement agencies. Concateno has the largest group of toxicology and drug testing scientists in Europe including recognised worldwide experts in the field. The laboratories and manufacturing facilities in our three UK centres of excellence have unmatched levels of international accreditation.more

Staff Drug Testing

For organisations looking to utilise staff drug testing services to test their employees there are a number of elements to consider and Concateno can guide companies through each stage. Policy and Training Testing in the workplace centres around the drug and alcohol policy. The policy details the circumstances of testing, the type of test that will be used and consequences of the result.

The Health and Safety Executive sends a clear message to employers that they should take a proactive stance, recommending that “employers should adopt a substance misuse policy, in consultation with their staff.” The HSE also suggests that policies should be supportive rather than punitive advising that “your policy should seek to help rather than lead simply to dismissing.”

A good policy therefore needs to satisfy two aims, on the one hand serving as a deterrent, whilst on the other providing effective support. Concateno have a vast experience in helping companies to create drug and alcohol policies, whether it is from the very beginning or reviewing existing documents. Once the policy has been created, education and training on the policy, drugs and alcohol will put an organisation in the best position for implementation.

Employee Assistance Programmes

Remember that drug and alcohol abuse is really all about individual lives. It can often be the result of other factors in an employee’s personal or working life.

An effective Employee Assistance Programme, a confidential service that combines online advice with 24-hour phone assistance, offers help on a range of issues such as financial concerns, bereavement or family problems and can ultimately help address the causes of misuse before problems manifest.

Drugs and Alcohol Testing

Introducing workplace drugs and alcohol testing can be highly effective, not only in identifying problems, but also in reinforcing the message that a company takes misuse seriously. In the workplace there are four testing scenarios. Pre-employment Testing potential employees as part of the recruitment process to establish whether applicants have a history of drug or alcohol misuse.

Random drugs and alcohol testing is unannounced testing of a specific proportion of employees, acting as a deterrent for all employees. Concateno’s Programme Management team can organise the time and location of the testing, plus randomly select the employees to be tested. For-cause Testing employees due to a suspicion of drug or alcohol use. Post-incident Testing after an incident or accident to establish whether drug or alcohol use played a part in the event.

On-Site Drug Tests

On-site drug tests allow customers to carry out testing at their own site and get a result within minutes. On-site drug tests are all screening tests and positive results will require a further laboratory based confirmation test.

Cozart DDS

The Cozart DDS is an oral fluid based test that can detect up to six different drug groups from a single sample in five minutes. The sample is collected on a swab and the added to a cartridge. The Cozart DDS instrument analyses the cartridge, giving a digital display of the result with the option of a print-out.

Concateno Urine Tests: The Concateno on-site urine tests range from single drug, strip tests to multidrug integrated cups and can fulfil any customer needs.

Breath Alcohol Tests: Concateno can supply a wide range of breath alcohol tests, from simple devices that will measure whether alcohol is present to approved systems with printers and interfaces to PC’s.

Laboratory Tests: Concateno have three laboratories, each specialising in a different sample type. The centres of excellence are based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire – testing oral fluid (saliva) samples. Canary Wharf, London – testing urine samples Cardiff – testing hair samples.

All three laboratories carry out the initial screening tests and confirmation tests on positive samples. The result of the confirmation test can be used in court or as part of a tribunal.

Criminal Justice Drug Screening

Concateno hold the main Criminal Justice contracts in England and Wales. The Home Office Drug Interventions Programme screening contract uses the Cozart DDS in 173 custody suites in England and Wales. The confirmation testing for the contract is carried out at the Concateno Abingdon laboratory.

The HM Prisons Service Mandatory Drug Testing and Voluntary Drug Testing programmes use the Concateno Canary Wharf laboratory and the Concateno on-site urine tests respectively. Concateno’s products are also used internationally at the roadside by police forces to test drivers for drugs of abuse.

Other Sectors Concateno are leaders in the Healthcare, Maritime and Child Custody markets, making us Europe’s largest provider of drug and alcohol services. Concateno’s unparalleled products, services and expertise make us the only choice for anyone, in any industry or sector looking for best in drug or alcohol testing products and services.less


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