Radio Repairs

At Communications Specialist Ltd we do not put all radio repair into one box.  With our extensive experience in the industry, we realise that every customer has different needs and levels of ability regarding the maintenance of their radio equipment.

For example, there are some user-replaceable components for many radios that the customer may want to change themselves while others would prefer to have no involvement in the fault finding process and leave it all up to us.

We are very happy to help you over email or phone to ascertain the issue with your radio or simply receive the item that appears faulty, asses it and send it back working or with an explanation of how to get the results you require from the radio.

Not all radio repair tasks we receive turn out to be damaged radios. Due to the complexity of some modern radio communications systems, there can be a misunderstanding of the symptoms.

Sometimes it can be the operation of the radio, a setting in the radio’s configuration or even in some cases, the radio works ok and the problem was because of another outside factor.  Interference from neighbouring radio stations or RF (Radio Frequency) emitting equipment such as power lines and generators sometimes cause symptoms that can be mistaken for a faulty radio.

In cases like this, we are more than happy to help you through the process of tracking down the issue and mitigate it in any way possible. We are only ever one call away to ensure your two-way radio issues are solved quickly.

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