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Communications Specialist

Communications Specialists are a reputable provider of bespoke radio systems for military organisations around the world. They serve NGOs, the MoI and MoD, with a range of communications equipment; enabling them to facilitate systems for both long range and remote area radio communications. Being NATO certified and having their products proven in the field for over 20 years, few companies can match their range of equipment and flexibility to deliver robust, long lasting solutions.

As a choice supplier of the US Federal Government, Communications Specialists' range of radio equipment is built to military standards. The company are the recognised leading provider of mobile radio systems for the armed forces, as well as sellers of satellite and top-end digital communications.

  • Military Portable Radios
  • Manpack Radios
  • Military HF Transceivers
  • Tactical HF Radios
  • Antenna Systems
  • Military Vehicle Radios
  • Radio Signal Amplifiers
  • Military Telecommunications Equipment

Manpack Radios

Communication Specialists provide a range Manpack Radios for ease of personal transportation and operation. Their reputable Codan line of products come in three distinct varieties: Homeland, Patrol and Explorer, each are designed to work within particular scenarios.

Patrol offers the basic elements of manpack radios, being compact, easy to operate and built to withstand shocks. Explorer offers additional functionality; the ability to operate as a stand-alone unit with exceptional communication range. The Homeland model range offers the most comprehensive package. It is able to operate with virtually any radio system for clear transmission and receipt of communications in challenging environments.

Codan manpack solutions are ideal for portable long distance voice and data communications, across high frequency military channels. The products offer exceptional value and are the preferred method of communication for armed forces around the world.

Military HF Transceivers

Communications Specialists provide high grade Military HF Transceivers, designed to operate in the world's most severe environments. The products are designed to MIL-STD-810F for vibration, shock and dust resistance. In addition, electrical protection is built in, shielding against over temperature, under voltage, over voltage or reverse polarity.

The Codan unit benefits from an innovative user interface, featuring a MR handset and removable front panel design. Being compact and lightweight, the unit is easy to integrate as part of vehicle systems and offers exceptionally intuitive, menu-driven functionality. Radios also benefit from frequency hopping capabilities, providing highly secure communications during silent operations.

Using the very latest technology, Communication Specialists HF Transceivers can automatically establish radio links, selecting the most suitable channel at a given time as soon as they are switched on. The systems also support GPS connections, enabling the confirmation of positions over air. This is ideal for the tracking up to one hundred military vehicles across large remotes areas.

Tactical Field Radios

Communication Specialists provide some of the world's most advanced tactical field radios - personal communication systems designed for military personnel out on patrol or engaged in combat. The company's range of Hytera digital portable radios offer large colour display screens, providing good visibility even in brightly lit locations, such as daytime in the desert.

The units are designed to last, built to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F and IP67 standards, delivering superb performance in challenging environments. The radio uses digital error-correction technology, delivering excellent voice clarity even in areas that are noisy and near the edge of the coverage zone. A wholly digital system, the radio benefits from higher channel capacity and spectrum efficiency, as well as a longer lasting more durable battery.

Because of the products' digital nature, transmissions across the radio are fully encrypted and far more secure than analogue alternatives. The units offer more than just standard communications, providing options for high speed data transfer, auto registration, Man Down and emergency signals.


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  • Ashley Labrosse

    Managing Director Contact Expert

    Ashley is the Managing Director at Communications Specialist Ltd.

  • Akmal Yaqub

    Business Development Manager Contact Expert

    Looking after sales of Communication Equipment including VHF/UHF/HF Radios for commercial/industrial/individual use.

  • Marcus Taylor

    Technical Officer Middle East, Africa & Europe Contact Expert

    With 7 years’ service in the British Army’s Royal Corps of Signals, and 8 years of Communications Management experience operating on US DoD, local government agency contracts in Iraq, Marcus has a wide range of experiences in many communications systems.

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