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Payment Card Industry (PCI) Support

Rockwell Collins is here to support you through the complexities of Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Digital Security Standards (DSS).

Cybersecurity is the ability to protect or defend the use of computer systems, telecom networks, and the internet from attacks designed to affect data maliciously.

Rockwell Collins has the expertise to help airports of any size deploy affective cybersecurity solutions for their environment. Whether it is delivering a specific scope that plugs into your current security design or a complete turnkey solution with support expertise, we are prepared to help.

Rockwell Collins Cybersecurity programs use highly trained specialists and state of the art software to help airports detect and prevent cybersecurity breaches.

The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity framework lists five Framework Core Functionalities to help organizations form an operational culture that addresses the dynamic cybersecurity risk. These pillars as they are known are used in identifying security needs for our customers and appropriate responses from our product offerings.


The worst could happen

Some examples of high profile breaches include;

TJ Maxx, Sony PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment, Evernote, Living Social, Target, Ebay, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase, Anthem

Did you know, in 2016:

  • The average cost per breach was over $7 million?
  • The average lawsuit settlement costs per breach was upwards of approximately $10 million?


Rockwell Collins ARINC PCI DSS information

  • Do you have a comprehensive cyber security plan in place?
  • Do you have a cyber security and PCI DSS checklist in place?
  • Do you know the 12 requirements to becoming PCI DSS compliant?
  • Do you know if you need to comply with the PCI standards?
  • Do you know the differences in PCI roles and responsibilities between airlines, airports, network and vendors?
  • How protected are your Card Holder Data (CHD) and Personally Identifiable Informations (PII)
  • Are you aware of the importance of recognising the differences between certified and non-certified encryption?
  • Are you aware of the liability shift in transaction security?
  • How do you detect, analyse, respond to, report on and prevent cybersecurity incidents?


PCI DSS Requirements -Cyber security overview

  • Identify – Develop the organizational understanding to manage cybersecurity risk to systems, assets, data, and capabilities.
  • Protect – Develop and implement the appropriate safeguards to ensure delivery of critical infrastructure services.
  • Detect - Develop and implement the appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of a cybersecurity event.
  • Respond - Develop and implement the appropriate activities to take action regarding a detected cybersecurity event.
  • Recover - Develop and implement the appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience and to restore any capabilities or services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity event.


PCI DSS compliance is not optional

Airports and Airlines have struggled with compliance partly due to the complexity of the actions that could be taken.

There are some questions you must ask yourself to understand if your airport is PCI DSS compliant - if you are unsure of the answers or haven't even considered some of them Rockwell Collins is here to help.


Helping you protect your airport, your way

Cyber Security and PCI DSS compliance is a requirement for every computer and network system in modern airports.

Rockwell Collins recognises that many customers already have a security program in place. For those customers we offer standard security best practices that will ensure appropriate overlap of duties. Some of the features available are data access and security policies, patch management, back up and recovery, anti-virus and log management.

Specific Security Scope

For customers looking to augment their cyber security program or outsource specific tasks, we can help define the scope, tools and services needed and make sure our systems integrate seamlessly into the exisiting environment.

Turnkey Security Solutions

For those customers looking for a solution that covers the entire airport campus, Rockwell Collins offers the best in-bread security tools and services designed to stand up a full cybersecurity program including on-site or remote monitoring.


Our approach to PCI DSS is to clearly define areas each entity is responsible for delivering and employing cybersecurity policy, procedure and tools included in the PCI DSS requirements for our defining scope, who better to trust with your specific cybersecurity than Rockwell Collins.


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