Common Use Agent Assisted Check-In (ARINC MUSE™)

The future of passenger processing—right on time

Rockwell Collins' ARINC MUSE™ provides new passenger processing capabilities that enable airlines to focus on the passenger rather than technology, and dramatically reduce operating costs.

Highly efficient and reliable, Rockwell Collins' ARINC Multi-User System Environment (MUSE®)—the venerable shared passenger processing system—already supports more than 300 airlines at over 100 airports worldwide. Now ARINC cMUSE optimises airport operations even more.


cMUSE: A state of the art cloud solution

Rockwell Collins' ARINC cMUSE can be deployed in the public cloud, managed by Rockwell Collins or in an on-premises/on-campus environment where there is still a requirement for a core room infrastructure on the airport site.

Economical and forward-thinking, ARINC cMUSE maximizes your operations by eliminating software engineering costs—giving smaller and mid-sized airports much more flexibility to optimise their operations and offer the same services as their much larger counterparts.


For airports of any size

cMUSE is designed to be interoperable with all current common-use terminal equipment (CUTE) technology and common-use passenger processing systems (CUPPS).

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC cMUSE is a revolutionary advancement in common-use passenger check-in utilising latest cloud technologies to optimise resource usage and support overheads, that eliminates the need for servers, core computing space and costly technical manpower. Airlines and airports of any size now can launch check-in service in minutes—in the airport or at off-site locations—using only a PC, laptop or thin-client device; and existing peripherals; and a standard Internet connection.


The power to process, in your hand

Perfect for irregular operations or seasonal requirements cMUSE puts the power to process in your hand. To reduce queues and keep passengers moving—ARINC cMUSE™ can be deployed on mobile devices using a range of mobile peripheral devices.


Fully featured

ARINC cMUSE combines the security and reliability of our MUSE platform with the latest cloud technologies, making passenger check-in service quicker, easier, more flexible and less costly. Using a standard Internet connection, Wi-Fi® service or broadband mobile card, ARINC cMUSE connects check-in agents to Rockwell Collins’ ARINC cloud service. Agents enjoy the same performance, reliable access and secure transmission. Airlines and airports enjoy substantially reduced operating costs, headaches and hassles.

ARINC cMUSE service uses the same technology whether that be from the cloud or based on local hardware infrastructure. To discover how much time and money your operation can save, let us customise an ARINC cMUSE cost-savings solution for you.

Streamline your operations and propel your airline into the next generation of airport architecture—ARINC cMUSE.



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