STEM Omni Reaction Stations


Bibby Scientific offer STEM Omni reaction stations for laboratory analysis and process optimisation.

STEM Omni Reaction Stations


STEM Omni Reaction Stations are the ideal apparatus for any chemistry laboratory as they promote efficient working through parallel synthesis. They enable you to conduct 6 or 10 chemical reactions simultaneously between -30°C to 220°C, maintaining the same controlled temperature and stirring rate for each reaction. This means that you can directly compare the effects of varying solvents, dilution ratios and reagent compositions, and get the answers you need in a fraction of the normal required time- in fact, up to 10 times faster.

We believe that our STEM Omni Reaction Stations are the best of their kind on the market, with great accuracy, reliability and temperature uniformity across the heater block. They are compact enough to fit into any fume hood and safe to touch even at 220°C, thanks to their "cool to touch" outer casing.

Great thought has been given to their design to make the Omni Reaction Stations truly useful to you: Their modular design means that you can use the same base controller with interchangeable heating mantles, which makes the Omni even more space saving and economical.

OMNI Reaction Station: OS1025

You can view your experiments at all times and can also attach your own glassware to the Omni glass reaction vessels, as standard fittings have been used throughout. Accessory glassware can be costly and using standard fittings means that you only need to purchase those accessories that you need and don't currently have.

For your convenience, we do stock a huge range of accessories which facilitate working under inert gas or vacuum conditions, and enable refluxing, phase separation, filtration and rotary evaporation to be carried out. Should you require it, more precise control of temperature and stirring can be achieved by using temperature probes and a wide selection of stir bars.

And just as much thought has gone into low temperature working. The Omni Reaction Stations allow you to work down to -30°C by using a cooling plug and chiller. The cooling plug is convenient to use and eliminates the messy problem of melting ice, giving far superior low temperature control. It is also very easy to use: You simply insert the cooling plug into the reaction unit and attach cooling lines to the inlet/outlet via quick disconnects.

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