Sample Cooling Systems


Techne offer sample cooling systems for low temperature incubation. Products include the NoICE electronic ice bucket and the BLoCKICE electronic cooling block.

Sample Cooling Systems


Sample Cooling System

Techne "NoICE" Electronic Ice Bucket

The NoICE electronic ice bucket is an effective sample cooling system enabling samples of all sizes to be incubated over an extended period. In contrast to the usual laboratory set-up with tubes floating in a bath of melting ice, NoICE features ceramic-coated beads designed to maintain a constant temperature, whilst supporting sample vessels. The ceramic beads can be autoclaved at 134ºC and are highly chemical-resistant.

For timesaving purposes, the beads can be refrigerated overnight in their bucket, and fitted back into the unit when needed. The contents of the NoICE system are maintained at a steady temperature - warm or cold - as required.


• Sterilisable ceramic beads
• Temperatures in ºF or ºC
• Keep samples at 4ºC all weekend or all day as needed

Technical Specification

• Temperature precision: ±1ºC
• Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees.
• Temperature Resolution: 0.1ºC
• Peltier cooling system
• 5 digit LED display
• 100-230 Volt power supply, 50-60Hz.
• Weight: 4.5kg
• Dimensions (mm): 190 x 240 x 225

Techne "BLoCKICE" Electronic Cooling Block

Electronic Cooling Block

The BLoCKICE electronic cooling block offers similar features to the NoICE system, with the following additional benefits:

• Integrated timer for programming up to 9 days in advance
• Configurable buzzer alerts users when the system reaches the required temperature, and when the programme ends.

BlockICE features two machined aluminium blocks to enable cooling of 0.2, 0.5, 1.5, 2.0, 15 and 50 ml tubes, culture / PCR plates, glass slides and test tubes.

Visit the website or contact Bibby Scientific today for more information on their range of sample cooling systems for laboratory applications.

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