Hybridiser HB-1D & Hybrigene Hybridisation Incubators


The Techne Hybridiser HB-1D and Hybrigene range of hybridisation ovens accept a variety of multiple tube types and maintain uniform hybridisation of the membrane with the minimum volume of liquid. Whether due to multiple user or multiple probe types, no other hybridisers offer such a perfect solution.

Hybridiser HB-1D New improved

HB-1D Hybridisation Incubator
HB-1D Hybridisation Incubator

Hybrigene Hybridisation IncubatorThe famous Hybridiser HB-1D, now with a new-look and adjustable rotation speed.

High capacity; up to 24 mini tubes or 6 unique large tubes.

Unique double glazed glass door; quiet and safe, providing durable protection.

New Hybrigene

Versatile quality at an affordable price offering excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity.

The Hybrigene is Techne's compact, stackable alternative to the hybridiser HB-1D - for when quality is important and throughput is not a priority.

Stack up to 3 hybridisers, saving on valuable laboratory space.

Holds up to 16 mini and 4 large glass tubes.

Features & Benefits

  • Mix and match tubes & accessories
  • Versatile multiple tube formats
    mix and match sizes within an instrument to cater for different throughputs, users and applications
  • Tubes and other accessories
    can be accommodated at the same time for multiple uses
  • Low probe volume
  • even with large glass tubes, rotation and design ensure as low as 5ml can be used and recovered
  • Unique "slot-in" tubes
    with tube rotation speed of 0 to 20 rpm;
    controllable to suit your application
  • New tube holders
    each holds up to 16 x 15ml or 8 x 50ml tubes
  • Radioactive safe
    protective casing and non-drip tube design
    minimises risk to the user
  • Adjustable speed rocking platform
    (0-20/15-60 rpm) to cater for membrane bound and slide bound hybridisations
  • Adjustable feet
    for levelling on uneven surfaces.
  • Static shelf
    where temperature without movement is required
  • Drip tray
    removable for easy cleaning
  • Re-sealable end plugs
    The specially designed end-caps (lids) have plugs in them through which probe can be both added and recovered.
  • Membrane separation facility
    When using multiple membranes in one tube, ensure that reagent has access to every surface by placing a re-usable separation membrane between them.
  • Accurate temperature
    With in tube temperature stabilities of better than ±0.1°C you can be sure that all your membranes are reproducible.Hybridisation Incubator
SpecificationsHybrigeneHybridiser HB-1D
Max glass tube capacity 16 24
Maximum Temperature 80°C 100°C
Minimum Temperature 10°C above ambient 10°C above ambient
Adjustable rotation speed 0, 5 to 20 rpm 0, 5 to 20 rpm
Adjustable rocking platform 5-20 or 15-60 opm 5-20 or 15-60 opm
Stability in chamber <1.0°C <1.0°C
Stability in tubes <±0.1°C <±0.1°C
Uniformity in chamber <±1.5°C <±1.5°C
Uniformity in tube <±0.5°C <±1.0°C
Temp. set point resolution 0.1°C 0.1°C
Absolute accuracy <±0.3°C <±0.3°C
Net weight 15kg 20kg
Size (mm) D x W x H 355Dx383Wx432H 285Dx385Wx555H
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