Benchtop Conductivity Meters and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors


Bibby Scientific present a range of benchtop conductivity meters and dissolved oxygen meters available under their Jenway brand.

Benchtop Conductivity Meters

Benchtop Conductivity Meter: 4520

4510 Conductivity Meter

Bibby Scientific's 4510 benchtop conductivity meters offer a versatile solution for a range of laboratory tasks, with endpoint detection and automated recognition of conductivity standards.  The system can be configured for temperature coefficient, cell constant and reference temperature configuration operation.

The 4510 has storage for 32 measurements, which can either be sent for printing or passed to a computer via the RS232 connections and DataWay software.

  • Automated detection of standards
  • Cell constant or standard solution calibration
  • Stores up to 32 measurements
  • Automated range selection for maximum resolution.
  • Bi-directional Rs232 connection for PC or printer
  • Synchronous display of TDS or conductivity and temperature

4520 Conductivity meter

The 4520 conductivity meter enables precise measurement of resistivity, conductivity, salinity, temperature and total dissolved solids with 1-3 point calibration of conductivity values between 0 and 19.99S.  The specialist "pure water" mode offers maximum accuracy in water purity analysis.

  • irDA printer connection and RS232PC / printer connectivity with DataWay software.
  • Pure water setting for measurement of ultra-low conductivity measurement
  • Data logger for 500 readings
  • Can be configured to measure resistivity, conductivity, salinity and total dissolved solids

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

9500 DO Meter

The Jenway 9500 DO Meter from Bibby Scientific is a research grade instrument supporting a broad range of applications from fish breeding and farming to aquaculture pollution control, environmental analysis and pollution control.

The 9500 features data logging for 250 dissolved oxygen values taken either at preset intervals, manually triggered points or alarm triggers.  The 9500 dissolved oxygen meter includes complete support for the real-time biological oxygen on demand day test protocol and can record up to 25 BOD data sets with ten samples in each.

  • Automated calibration and zeroing
  • Can display readings as mg/l, percent oxygen or percent air saturation
  • Salinity and atmospheric pressure compensation
  • irDA cable-free printing or RS232 PC / printer connectivity
  • Measurement / calculation of BOD5
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