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Cole-Parmer are a major global manufacturer of laboratory products. The company operates under four brands: Stuart (specialising in benchtop science equipment), Techne (focussing on industrial applications and the life sciences), Electrothermal (leading manufacturers and designers of laboratory heating products, cooling and stirring equipment) and Jenway (supplying analytical instruments).

Major products for the Pharmaceutical industry include:more

PCR Thermal Cyclers

Techne Prime PCR Thermal Cyclers

The Prime range of PCR thermal cyclers were born out of a large New Product Development programme at Cole-Parmer. A complete redesign of the established Techne range has produced an all-new comprehensive family of PCR machines with a Universally attractive look and feel.

The Prime range offers Personal 24-well cyclers, Mid-size 48-well cyclers, Full size 96-well or 384-well cyclers, Networkable high-throughput cyclers and Real-time qPCR. Prime is the only range of thermal cyclers to offer a touchscreen user interface, identical intuitive software and transferrable programs via USB on all instruments in the range. It is also the only thermal cycler to offer future gradient upgrades to be performed via a simple unlock code allowing users to spread the purchase cost and future-proof their investment.

High performance and strong reliability are backed by a market leading 4 year warranty. Techne are currently offering a 40% reduction on the price of the PrimeQ real-time qPCR system.

Heater / Stirrer Reaction Stations

Electrothermal Engineering offer the RS, Omni and Integrity ranges of heater / stirrer reaction stations used for four main applications:

  • Laboratory Synthesis
  • Industrial Process Optimisation
  • Pharmaceutical Sample Processing
  • Chemical screening

RS Reaction stations support a variety of applications from industrial process optimisation to chemical synthesis and support Lean Lab working.

RS reaction stations range from the RS600 featuring six stirred positions at temperatures ranging from ambient conditions to 250ºC to the RS5000 reaction station with fifty stirred positions heated to temperatures of up to 150ºC.

All RS reaction stations offer a stir speed range between 400 and 2000 rpm.

Electrothermal also offer the RS 9000 Heater / Shaker reaction station with an agitation speed between 100 and 600 rpm and a heating range from ambient temperatures to 150ºC.

The STEM Omni OS1025 Reaction station enables parallel laboratory synthesis with up to 10 reaction systems (or 6 for the Omni OS6000) and sample volumes between 2 and 250ml operating between -30ºC to 220ºC.

STEM Integrity 10

The STEM Integrity 10 has established itself as an effective solution for drug crystallisation and solubility testing and is used in nearly all of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. The system enables users to perform ten experiments at the same time, with independent and precisely controlled stirring rates and temperatures in each cell. The system can produce temperatures ranging from -30 to 150 degrees C.

The STEM Integrity 10 features an intuitive touchscreen control system allowing users to easily track each reaction. All data is recorded automatically so the system can be left running overnight, or while other work is carried out. The Integrity 10 is highly compact, and may be mounted on a trolley for easy movement around the laboratory.

The parallel processing facilities and autonomous nature of the STEM Integrity 10 make it an excellent solution for high throughout lean lab working, whilst its flexible control functions (via either the integrated touchscreen, or external computer) allow it to be easily automated as part of a larger robotic system.less


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