Airport Maintenance Services

COFELY Services

COFELY Airport Services is a market leader in the field of maintenance and management of technical installations (brand independent) in buildings, industry and airports, in Energy Management and in Facility Management services.

Airport Maintenance Services

In the airport sector COFELY Airport Services focuses on partnering with airport authorities, airport operators and airlines through tailor-made, long-term contracts that meet the customer's specific requirements for airport maintenance and management. This way of working repeatedly provides airports with benefits such as:

  • Optimized operation of equipment
  • Guaranteed performance levels
  • Energy monitoring and savings
  • Cost-effectiveness through all-in prices=
  • A Total Guarantee that installations will be kept in perfect working order to match their business needs
  • High availability of airport facilities, particularly the most critical ones
  • Asset protection
Airport Maintenance Services

Operation & maintenance services to the airport technical installations address the needs of a broad spectrum of airport systems, where time and availability are critical factors for both clients and airport organisations. To meet the challenges of this demanding environment, COFELY Airport Services provide global solutions with result driven contracts, based on the know-how and experience acquired by the company over the 25 years period of its involvement in this sector. In this spirit, COFELY Airport Services commits to a high service availability with low downtimes and reliable performance of airport systems.

Through outsourcing with COFELY Airport Services, airports will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the latest technology without having to invest in its development.

The delivery of effective, ongoing airport maintenance services in these specialist and performance critical systems is our core-activity and it is enriched by our capability to offer automation and IT support. Our specialist experience also allows us to consult on, oversee and handle the expansion, enhancement, relocation and renovation of systems in an environment that is continuously evolving and adapting to new requirements.

Airport Technical Management

Sometimes, COFELY will undertake to oversee airport facilities (such as baggage control rooms) and take part in manual baggage management and baggage chute allocation. COFELY Airport Services is therefore a major partner of many airport organizations, providing maintenance and management of technical installations related to building technologies and to specific baggage or airfield facilities. A key element is that COFELY Airport Services contracts are centred on service quality agreements, up-time of critical equipment, performance levels, response time, respect of maintenance standards, safety requirements, etc. in baggage, cargo and airfield related facilities. The airport technical management services provided by COFELY Airport Services cover various key equipment, such as:

  • X-ray screening equipment
  • Cargo / Baggage management
  • passenger boarding bridges
  • 400 Hertz aircraft ground power
  • Preconditioned Air Systems
  • Stand Guidance System

In addition, COFELY Airport Services provides solutions and recommendations for important improvements to equipment and installations, to optimize their operation. This pro-activity is key in a long-term mutually profitable partnership. In building technologies, the partnership is also built upon long-term agreements with contractual results commitments and 'Total Guarantee', i.e. the undertaking by COFELY Airport Services that all entrusted equipment and installations remain in perfect working order and retain their value and performances at the end of the contract.

COFELY Airport Services is a high-end one-stop shopping supplier for their customers, providing added-value services, such as full operation, maintenance, repair, advice, energy savings, replacements, improvements, etc...

The strong relationship with our customers is part of the airport services development strategy of COFELY Airport Services. Today, COFELY Airport Services provide services to more than 35 major Airlines, Airport Operators and Airport Authorities, and have an impressive list of references including, Abu Dhabi, Boston, Brussels, Gatwick, Louisville, Lyon, Montreal , Newark (Delta), Paris (Roissy CDG and Orly), Québec, Schiphol - Amsterdam, Warsaw (LOT) and other airports.

COFELY Airport Services is a business line of GDF-SUEZ Energy Services, acting worldwide and having achieved in 2011 a global turnover of nearly 15 billion € with 72.000 employees.

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