Airport Energy / Facility Management

COFELY Services

COFELY Services offer integrated technical management and maintenance services for airports, logistics companies and many other industries. COFELY provide comprehensive maintenance services, taking on the responsibilities of operating, monitoring, and repairing airport installations.

COFELY is committed to providing energy efficient solutions, maximising efficiency and offering a significant reduction in running costs. In addition to HVAC air conditioning systems, energy supply, fire safety and sanitary systems, the company offer a wide range of utilities services, allowing them to provide gas, heating and other industrial supplies.more

COFELY's services include:

  • Airport Energy Management
  • Airport Facility Management
  • Airport Technical Management
  • Airport Maintenance Services

Within the airport industry, COFELY specialise in:

  • Airport Baggage Sorting Systems
  • Preconditioned Air Supplies
  • 400 Hz Power Supplies
  • Airport Passenger Boarding Bridges
  • X-Ray Screening Machines
  • Aircraft Guidance Systems

Airport Energy Management

COFELY belongs to the Energy Services section of GDF SUES. The company offer complete, integrated solutions for airport energy management, assisting in the planning, installation and maintenance of power supplies and electricity infrastructure. They also offer specialist 400 Hz power supplies for recharging of aircraft.

COFELY provide research and consultancy services for the renovation of electrical installations. They provide maintenance services for emergency electrical systems, and can advise on the use of low current solutions. The company are also experienced in the field of joint (fuel and gas) power generation systems.

Airport Facility Management

COFELY provide airport facility management services, allowing client companies to subcontract any operations outside of their core business areas. These can include the provision of relocation and space management solutions, cleaning and waste removal, general upkeep of green areas, security systems and engineering.

Within the airport sector, the company care experienced in the installation and ongoing maintenance of X-ray screening systems, baggage sorting systems, boarding bridges and docking systems. The company will undertake other services as required by individual clients.

Long Term Technical Management

COFELY's long term technical management services include the provision and maintenance of HVAC systems, fire protection equipment including smoke and gas detectors, security and access control systems, emergency power supplies, water and waste systems.

The company provide low and high-voltage power and lighting, escalators and lifts. Specialist capabilities within the airport sector include the management of conveyor sorting systems, compressed air supplies and airport passenger boarding bridges.

COFELY also provide maintenance and management systems for a broad range of utilities. Aimed specifically at industrial applications, the company are skilled in heating, cooling and electricity, water and air purification systems, and general utilities maintenance services.less


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