The MPA-910 air conditioning unit has a ‘ruggedized’ design for Military applications and provides both equipment and operator climate control within deployable Military shelters as well as Military vehicles, which traverse rough terrain. The compact space envelope allows two systems to be mounted side by side on a 2.4m wide container, delivering a nominal 19kw combined cooling.

The unit is constructed from lightweight aluminium, is mounted externally to the shelter and provides a constant flow of filtered ‘fresh-air’ into the shelter. The fresh air top of can be unutilised or sealed for integration with a CBRN system. The conditioned airflow has both low and high speed operation along with two stages of cooling in-order to provide ‘close control’ around the selected set-point temperature.

The unit operates from a remote Control Unit which displays the actual temperature as well as the operational mode status along with fault mode alarms. From the Control Unit the ACU can be operated in AUTO mode from the electronic thermostat or alternatively, MANUAL ‘Heat’ or Cooling’ modes can be selected.

It is designed to operate in extreme environments as defined in DEF STAN 00-35 climatic categories A1 to C2. The modular and scalable design of the MPA910 allows scalable EMC specification from CE level to DEF STAN 59-411 Land Class A.


Specification Nominal Dimensions:Width: 983mmHeight: 1000mmLength: 1070mmWeight: 320kgNominal Cooling: 7.4kW at +55°C                         9.5kW at +35°CNominal Heating: 6.0kWEvaporator Airflow: 1820m³/hr - 2100m³/hrRefrigerant: R134aPower Supply: 400Vac, 3 Phase, 50 HzOperating conditions: -46°C to +55°C DEF STAN 00-35 A1 to C2RFI/EMC: DEF STAN 59 411 - LAND CLASS AMounting Method: Shelter; externalCBRN Compatible

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