Designed to replace the UK MoD Type 57 ACU the “ruggedized” MPA-550 is currently in-service with military forces throughout the world. The unit is mounted internally within a shelter and provides both equipment and operator climate control. The unit can either be mounted on the floor underneath a work surface, with the conditioned airflow exiting from the top of the unit via a short fitted duct under the work surface, or alternatively, it can discharge the airflow at ceiling level via a suitable plenum. The unit provides a constant air flow of filtered ‘fresh-air’ into the shelter which can be manually closed off if required when the shelter is unmanned, whereupon air is conditioned/cooled and recirculated.

Monitoring and display of internal shelter temperature, mode status and fault alarms, is by a separate control unit which also allows the ACU to be operated in ‘AUTO’ mode via an electronic thermostat or ‘Heat’ or Cooling’ modes can be selected manually. The control unit can be mounted in accordance with customer requirements.

The unit is designed to operate in extreme environments as defined in DEF STAN 00-35 climatic categories A1 to C2. It is constructed from lightweight aluminium and its refrigeration circuit is ‘hermetically’ sealed for ‘leak free’ reliability. Available in both 400Vac 3 Phase or 230Vac single phase, it is NATO codified and fully supportable with spare parts. Paint finish is dependent upon customer requirements.


Specification Nominal Dimensions: Width: 430mmHeight: 695mmLength: 775mmWeight: 102kgNominal Cooling: 4.5kW at +55°C                          5.8kW at +35°CNominal Heating: 4.0kWEvaporator Airflow: 1050m³/hrRefrigerant: R134aPower Supply: 230Vac, 1 Phase, 50Hz                     400Vac, 3 Phase, 50 HzOperating conditions: -46°C to +55°C DEF STAN 00-35 A1 to C2RFI/EMC: DEF STAN 59 411Mounting Method: InternalCBRN: Compatible

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